Wanna know what the common denominator is between all the biggest and most profitable sites is? They make it easy for you to buy and/or click on offers on their sites. And everytime you do, they get paid. All the biggest and most profitable sites online have offers posted everywhere! They have offers everywhere. And that’s the difference between your sites and the most profitable sites online. You can’t assume they’re going to go to your “my products” page.. Or that they’re going to optin to your list. You have to make it easier for your visitors to see and click on your offers every chance you get.

However, before today, you either needed to know how to code or have a big budget to be able to accomplish this in an effective and efficient manner.

This is why today I’ll introduce to you the fastest and easiest way to add profitable offers to your sites in under 60 seconds! Let’s find out all the details about it in my Adtivate Review below!


Special Bonuses for you: You’ll get all the bonuses listed on the Salespage, but I’m going to give you a special bonus as well. If you download Adtivate via any link on this page you’ll also get my bonus package. Believe me, my bonus package will save you time, money and make your job easier.

Adtivate Review – The Overview

Creator Joshua Zamora
Product Adtivate
Launch Date 2022-Jul-07 
Launch Time 11:00 EDT
Official website Click here to visit (discounted link)
Front-End Price $25 one-time 
Skill All Level
Guarantee 30 days money back guarantee
Niche Tool & Software
Support Effective Response
Recommend Highly Recommend!

What Is Adtivate?

Adtivate Is the fastest and easiest way to create, manage and deploy offers on your sites via the power of banner ads in under 60 seconds…

Adtivate app is new 3-step WP plugin turns any site into a profit-pulling machine by quickly and easily deploying high-converting offers. So you can dominate your niche while plugin handles all your monetization for you!

Adtivate Review – How It Works & Demo Video

You can Profit From ANY Site With 3 Simple Steps:

  • Step 1: Download and Install This WP Plugin. This will take you no more than 10-15 seconds to complete. Literally just download, install, activate and input your license key.
  • Step 2: Easily Create And Add Your Offers (and/or Adsense code): Here is where the magic happens. Within seconds you’ll be able to either design high-converting offers with their built-in editor, easily paste in your Adsense code, or add a pre-made offer to your site at record speed.
  • Step 3: Set Your Desired Display Settings And Watch The Plugin INSTANTLY Turn Your Sites Into A Profit-Pulling Machine. And this is the step that makes your sites go CA-CHING! Once your offers are created, here is where you set your desired display settings for those offers so you can start profitng RIGHT AWAY.

If you do want to pick up Adtivate – the best, fastest and easiest plugin to deploy high-converting offers to your sites at the best price you’ll ever see it at, I highly recommend picking up your copy now.

Adtivate Review – Key Features And Benefits

Adtivate is the new and powerful wordpress plugin that allows you to monetize your sites with the #1 most PROVEN monetization strategy used by ALL the biggest and most profitable sites online… Banner Advertising.

Let’s Walk-Through ALL of The AMAZING Features At Your Fingertips With Adtivate:

  • Quickly And Easily Create Your Offers Using Their Built-in Ad Creator with a TON of PROVEN Templates.
  • Choose Between Pop-Up or Banner Ad
  • With Pop-Up Ads You Can Choose From MULTIPLE Different Triggers To Maximize Profit
  • With Adtivate, You Can Also Upload An Image Ad or Create a Custom Ad Using The WYSIWYG Editor.
  • Add An Attention-Grabbing Border To Your Ads
  • Add Your Offer Link To Ensure You Get Paid
  • Add An Entrance Animation To Grab IMMEDIATE Attention
  • Add Periodic Animations To Your Offers at ANY Time To Get even MORE Clicks
  • Add an EXIT Animation To Grab Attention ONE Last Time
  • Position Your Offers At The Top, The Bottom or Set To A Random Spot
  • Make Your Offers Sticky So That They’re ALWAYS On Screen To Maximize Your Profit
  • Include and Exclude Your Offers Based On Geo-Location To Maximize Conversions
  • Set an Automatic Start Time And End Time if You’re Selling Ad Space On Your Sites
  • Set Ads To Stop Automatically Based On Total # of Clicks or Total # of Daily Clicks
  • Set Ads To Stop Automatically Based On Total # of Impressions or Total # of Daily Impressions
  • With Adtivate, you can create Group Of Offers That Will Be Automatically Rotated On Your Sites So You Find Which Offers Convert The BEST to Maximize Profit
  • Automatically Rotate Ads In A Group To Avoid Banner Blindness and Maximize Profit
  • Automatically Turn Keywords Within Your Content Into Clickable Offers To Generate Even MORE Profit
  • Leverage Their Shortcode Feature To Have Your Offers Show Up When Your Readers Reach A SPECIFIC Part Of Your Content.
  • Built-In “Bad User” Blocking Mechanism So Your Ads Do NOT Show To “Bot Traffic”
  • Built To ByPass “Ad Blockers” So You Can ALWAYS Maximize Your Profit
  • Get FULL Impression, Clicks, Click-Through-Rate and Location Stats For Your Offers To Quickly Turn Off The Losers And Push ALL Traffic To The Winners
  • INSTANTLY monetize ANY site in MULTIPLE different ways
  • AUTOMATICALLY Add Profitable Offers To Your Sites In Under 60 seconds
  • MAXIMIZE The Profit You Make From EVERY Site You Own or Manage
  • Quickly Add Adsense, Affiliate Offers, Your Own Offers, CPA Offers, Call-To-Actions (or ANYTHING you’d Like) ALL over Your Sites


Adtivate Review – Why Should You Get This App?


  • 1. A user-friendly plugin with no feature compromises.

Any user, regardless of ability level, who is familiar to WordPress’ interface will find it simple to use because the Adtivate ad management tool functions exactly like the Post Editor in that platform. Additionally, it has all the necessary components for success.

Self-hosted advertisements of any size are simple to make and can be shown in various locations throughout your website. You may easily include the ad snippet on your ad creation page if you wish to incorporate network ads. HTML5 advertising can also be produced.

  • 2. Portable and extensible

Adtivate is an easy-to-use interface that isn’t cluttered with unnecessary functionality; the core plugin only has the most crucial features when it is deployed.

Adtivate’s functionality can be expanded if you require more than what the default features offer by adding the pro and basic addons. If necessary, you can purchase the professional add-ons separately and utilize them on your site with any plan.

  • 3. The Best for Any Budget

The Adtivate plugin’s finest feature is that it works well with websites of diverse shapes and sizes and budgets. The prices are fairly fair.

You may select a plan that works for you whether you’re a blogger, publisher, developer, or large-scale business. In the section after this, let’s look at its pricing options.

Adtivate OTO Review – Pros And Cons


  • Instantly monetize any site in multiple different ways
  • Automatically add profitable offers to your sites in under 60 seconds
  • Maximize the profit you make from every site you own or manage
  • Quickly add adsense, affiliate offers, your own offers, cpa offers, call-to-actions (or anything you’d like) all over your sites
  • Bonus: unlock powerful ad creator to quickly create and deploy ads in seconds from proven templates
  • Bonus: agency rights included so you can monetize your clients sites too
  • Bonus: geo-targeting feature to skyrocket conversions by displaying the most relevant ads by location (very limited)


  • Until now, there is none

Adtivate OTO Review – Who Is This App For?

This is the best wp plugin that allows you to create, add, manage and deploy high-converting offers to your sites in record speed! Adtivate is perfect for:

  • Affiliate Marketers
  • CPA Marketers
  • Agencies
  • eCommerce Blogs
  • Digital Marketers
  • Authors
  • Service Providers
  • And Everything In-Between


Adtivate OTO Review – The Bonuses 

When you Create Your Account Today, You’ll Also Be Securing These Amazing Bonuses!

♦ Bonus 1: Exclusive 5-Site License FOR FREE


♦ Bonus 2: Access To Built-In Banner Creator


♦ Bonus 3: Agency Rights Included So You Can Monetize Your Clients Sites too


♦ Bonus 4: GEO-Targeting Feature To SKYROCKET Conversions By Displaying the MOST relevant ads by location (very limited)


Adtivate OTO Review -Bundle, OTO & Price

♦ Adtivate Front-End ($25)

Recap Of What You Get:

  • 5 site license
  • Access to ALL Banner types
  • Access to Pop-Up Overlay Ads
  • Access To Keyword-to-Ads feature
  • Access To Bot-Traffic Blocker
  • Full Traffic Stats of Banners
  • Access To Automatic Start-Stop Feature
  • Access To 1 year of Updates
  • Unlimited Access To Tech Support
  • BONUS: Access To Built-In Banner Creator
  • BONUS: Access To Geo-Targeting Feature
  • BONUS: Agency License to be able to use on client sites

♦ Adtivate Bundle Deal (GET FE + All OTOs With Massive Discount): $397


♦ Adtivate OTO 1: Adtivate Unlimited ($63.62)

Supercharge your account by unlocking unlimited sites license and resellers license at a huge, limited-time discount… … plus, unlock all the templates inside of banner creator and get unlimited feature updates – forever!

  • Exclusive 4-part offer you will never see ever again
  • Instantly remove all limitations of Adtivate by securing unlimited sites license (very limited-time offer)
  • Unlock resellers license and skyrocket your profit if you choose to sell your sites with Adtivate installed
  • Huge bonus: unlock all of the built-in templates of banner creator and create graphics for all your social platforms as well!
  • Huge bonus: get unlimited feature updates – forever!


♦ Adtivate OTO 2:  Adtivate Whitelabel ($297)

Unlock whitelabel rights and put your branding (or your client’s branding) on premium wp plugin so that you can keep the secret power of Adtivate to yourself and keep your competitors guessing…


♦ Adtivate OTO 3: AiutoBlogger WP Plugin ($63.62)

That leverages real A.I to write, optimize and post 100% unique content in any niche on complete autopilot… So you can have the perfect combo of automated, unique A.I content with the best monetization plugin on the market…

  • Done-for-you content for your sites for any niche using real artificial intelligence (it’ll even write content for you in over 25 of the most popular languages)
  • Totally hands-free optimization and formatting of that content for you
    automatically adds relevant images to your content too with  built-in media library of millions of royalty-free images
  • Hands-free posting of your perfectly optimized content on any desired schedule you’d like (you can literally set and forget it)
  • Never write, optimize, or post content manually ever again ( AI and automation does it all for you)
  • Build and scale your niche site empire in record speed by leveraging new, exclusive technology that’s not available anywhere else
  • Rank niche sites in any niche (in 25 different languages) and let plugin do all the heavy-lifting for you!


♦ Adtivate OTO 4: SyndTrio Agency + Plugin ($63.62)

Unlock the same, 3-step, social-syndication software that gets us page 1 rankings fast – and for the long-term!

  • Free Bonus: SyndTrio Booster WP Plugin
  • Credits For SyndCreator: 100
  • (1 credit is 1 account created)
  • Credits For SyndContent: 2000
  • (1 credit is 1 article generated)
  • Social Profiles: 25
  • Monthly Syndication Submissions: 2000
  • RSS Feeds: YES
  • Full Reports and Analytics: YES
  • Access To Self-Hosted Platforms: YES
  • Access To API: YES
  • Access To Scheduler: YES, Up To 14 Days
  • Ability to syndicate to video sites: YES
  • License – Personal Agency Use
  • Regular Updates
  • Priority Support
  • One-time payment


Conclusion & My Bonus Package For You

Thank you for taking the time to read my Adtivate  Review. I hope I have provided you with enough information to ease any hesitation about purchasing this amazing product.

And the final decision is yours. Good luck to you guys and see you in my next review!

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