Evergreen Gems From Geniuses 2022 (Dennis Becker) Review And OTO

Evergreen Gems From Geniuses
These Lessons Could Be One Of Your Top-Performing Info-Assets


We (DennisAndBarb) became partners when Sean Mize decided to sell his Warrior Plus business in order to concentrate on other ventures. We had been following Sean for years, and I was one of his coaching clients. We recognized the incredible value of his trainings, and bought the exclusive rights to market it.

We call it Evergreen Gems From Geniuses because the training is all evergreen and the “geniuses” include Sean Mize, Tony Shepherd, Jason Fladlien and Robert Plank, Wilson Mattos, and Travis Sago. Time has gone by, but the training is mostly on evergreen topics, and it gives you a full 52-week coaching series that you can either learn from yourself, and/or resell to others, in whole or in part. You could conceivably set up your own email coaching program and have a full year of content to start with, instantly. Plus… you also get an additional 46 lessons. Lessons are around an hour each, very easy to understand.

But that’s not all. Evergreen Gems From Geniuses OTOs is deep and also offers great value to you.


Sean Mize was one of THE most prolific and respected vendors on Warrior Plus for many years. He created coaching content that was evergreen for the IM/MMO niche, and left behind a huge library of amazing podcasts. Today we bring you what might be termed his definitive coaching modules, all in one place, all with resell and repurpose rights, at an unbelievable price.

Included in this collection are:

  • a 52-week coaching program., designed to be weekly lessons, but you or your clients can move at your own pace.
  • 46 additional lessons, which you can use as bonus lessons, or to extend the 52-week coaching, or as a separate offer
  • High ticket business model training
  • How to create a coaching program in one day, as well as additional training on how to create one more methodically, in as little as ten days.
  • All with resell and repurpose rights at no extra charge!

Sean’s preferred training style was with podcasts, which you get access to. Typical lessons are around an hour or so, and you get well over 100 hours of training. If you were to value his time at even just $100 an hour, you could put a value of over $10,000 on these training episodes. And then add in the extra value of being able to create your own coaching program, or sell the training in part or in whole, you can easily triple that $10,000 value. Now granted, these sessions were done several years ago, but they are, or mostly are, evergreen topics, as valid today as the day they were recorded. And they can be yours for the very small price at only $9


  • Week 1: Week 1 Beginner Blitz – Squeeze, Sales, Product, Traffic
  • Week 2: Week 2 Beginner Blitz – Squeeze, Sales, Product, Traffic
  • Week 3: Week 3 Beginner Blitz – Sales Letter
  • Week 4: Week 4 Beginner Blitz – Traffic From Other Sites
  • Week 5: First $100 Online
  • Week 6: 1 Recording + Daily Writing = Constant Product Creation
  • Week 7: Blueprint Training
  • Week 8: Designing Your Product Line
  • Week 9: Complete Concise Product Funnel Launch
  • Week 10: Automated Sales Funnel
  • Week 11: How to Write Must-Read Engaging Emails
  • Week 12: Taking Risk
  • Week 13: Pricing and Advanced Marketer Blueprint
  • Week 14: How to Come Up With Your Own Unique Angle
  • Week 15: Rapport Building Email Campaign
  • Week 16: Dominic Anderton Interviewing Me
  • Week 17: Advanced Sales Funnel Blueprint Now it’s time to get serious about traffic:
  • Week 18: Natural Engagement Traffic
  • Week 19: Relentless Pursuit of Traffic
  • Week 20: Traffic Case Study
  • Week 21: Imaging Your Platform
  • Week 22: Youtube Kickoff
  • Week 23: Youtube Training Case Study
  • Week 24: Where Abundance Comes From
  • Week 25: How to Get Buyer Leads
  • Week 26: Scaling Your Business
  • Week 27: How to Launch a One-Year Coaching Program
  • Week 28: Part 1: 6 Week LifeStyle Business
  • Week 29: Part 2: 6 Week :LifeStyle Business
  • Week 30: Part 3: 6 Week LifeStyle Business
  • Week 31: Part 4: 6 Week LifeStyle Business
  • Week 32: Part 5: 6 Week Lifestyle Business
  • Week 33: Part 6: 6 Week LifeStyle Business
  • Week 34: Entrepreneurial Action
  • Week 35: Make a Decision About What You Really Want
  • Week 36: Vision, Focus, Distractions and Victory
  • Week 37: Format for a Big Membership
  • Week 38: How to Sell on the Fly
  • Week 39: Membership Training
  • Week 40: Membership Sales Letter
  • Week 41: Membership Pre-Selling Emails
  • Week 42: How to Launch a One-Year Coaching Program
  • Week 43: 10 Day Coaching Program
  • Week 44: Coaching Enrollment Question System Part 1
  • Week 45: Coaching Enrollment Question System Part 2
  • Week 46: Coaching Enrollment Question System Part 3 – Closing
  • Week 47: Coaching Program Sales Letter
  • Week 48: Diligence for Success Now it’s time to consider building a platform to scale even more:
  • Week 49: Week 1 Platform Training
  • Week 50: Week 2 Platform Training
  • Week 51: Week 3 Platform Training
  • Week 52: Week 4 Platform Training

To Recap:

You get 52 weekly lessons, you just put those in your autoresponder or even just let them have access to all 52 lessons up front, right on the download page we send you (or put them on your own page). Each of these lessons is about an hour-long audio training, mostly very in-depth, and will lead your clients to success.

All you will have to do is:

  • Write a sales letter, (heck, even a quick Google Docs description in your own words explaining what your students will get (aka the above))
  • Include your payment button, and …PRESTO!

Your Sales Letter AND Your Coaching Program Is Ready To Go!

Think about it:

  • What kind of difference would it make in your life if you had just 10 clients paying $40 a month?
  • Or if you had 30 clients paying $40 a month?
  • Or if you have 40 clients paying $100 a month?
  • All for about 4 hours of work per month?

If that would be amazing. This entire package of 52 weekly coaching lessons can be yours today. But That Isn’t All!

You’ll also receive:

46 Additional Coaching Lessons As Well:

These powerful lessons include:

  • Faith to Be Fearless
  • Fear and Action-Taking
  • Gratefulness Leads to Increase
  • Hustle for First Clients
  • Implementation – the Hidden Secret
  • Open Coaching
  • Overcoming Fear
  • Passion to Persevere
  • Remaining Strong in Crisis, Adversity, Heartbreak
  • Strength to Go On
  • The Power of Resilience as an Entrepreneur
  • Unknown Topic
  • Unnamed Training #1
  • Unnamed Training #2
  • Your Big Niche Domination Plan
  • Coaching Q and A

The High-Level Infobusiness

  • The problem with Infobusiness selling the old way
  • The solution – and the big shift to take your infoselling 10X
  • The entire deep and high-level infobusiness model I personally use

And the Trainings! They include:

  • The Business Model – The Why and the Shift
  • The Business Model – Implementation
  • How to Create a Credibility Campaign
  • Create Training Specifically for Subscriber Needs
  • Write Copy That Blends into Credibility Campaign
  • Natural Conclusion Sales Funnel

Big Traffic Training – Traffic Training That Flat-Out WORKS

  • Unlimited Visitors Traffic Model
  • Blogging
  • Relationship Traffic That is Highly Profitable

And *those* trainings include:

  • Traffic Deep Dive – Reality
  • Intro to Relationship Traffic
  • Blogging With Donna and David
  • Unlimited Visitors to Your Site
  • 1000 Subscribers a Month
  • Viral Traffic

InfoProducts Complete A-Z (Brand New 10 – Part System for Your Infobusiness Profits)

There are 10 parts plus:

  • Intensive Sales
  • Psychology of Devotion
  • Easy Way to Write Your Sales Letter
  • 1) Infotraining Lesson 1
  • 2) Infotraining Lesson 2
  • 3) Infotraining Lesson 3
  • 4) Infotraining Lesson 4
  • 5) Psychology of Devotion
  • 6) Write Your Sales Letter
  • 7) Coaching Call
  • 8) Coaching Call
  • 9) Traffic and Sales
  • 10) Sales Intensive

The Big Business Training Program (This was originally a 6 week live class)

  • How to Get Viral Traffic For Your Big Business
  • The plugins you need to run your Big Business
  • How to Get the Big Idea for Your Big Business
  • Big Business Consolidation Model
  • Big Business First Class: Intro and Get Started
  • Big Business 2nd Class: Plugins
  • Big Business 3rd Class
  • Big Business 4th Class: Viral Traffic
  • Big Business 5th Class: Launching Your Membership
  • Big Business 6th Class: Writing Your Email Campaign

And that still isn’t all… you’ll also gain:

The High Ticket Business Model

  • 6 Week Membership Training Class (you can easily re-teach this live)
  • Legacy Business Builder (you can easily re-teach this as well, or use these tracks in your program)
  • Coach Traffic Training
  • Signature Coaching Training Program

You can pretty much do anything you want with these, buthere are the specific rights:

  • You get unlimited repurpose rights, edit them anyhow you want, once edited you can put your name on it
  • You can resell them as many times as you want
  • You can use them as a giveaway for your squeeze pages
  • You can include them in your memberships and coaching programs

You can use the training in this program to launch your own program, to learn and re-teach. The market is HUGE for these higher priced topics. And frankly, we believe fewer folks are teaching because they think it’s harder to break in. It’s harder for someone who doesn’t know what to teach – but if you’ll study what’s in here – you will KNOW what your students need to internalize, and be able to deliver it grand. And even THAT’s not All – there’s also this rather nifty:

You Will Also Get Bonus: How To Create A Coaching Program In One Day!




We’ve priced this so low because we want to introduce you to Sean Mize and to us, Dennis and Barb. Once you sample the quality and start profiting from what you learn, as well as what you will have to resell, we’re confident that you’ll be a follower of ours for life.

Truly, this is one of the best no-brainers to invest in due to the Evergreen nature and quality content to beef up your content creation and authority generation. Content that can get you started today!


You can also take the upsells below into consideration with more advanced features:

OTO 1: 1000 IM Lessons with PLR ($28.5)

YOU will get access to 1000 hours or training from Sean Mize, including PLR and resell rights.

OTO 2: Kickstart Profit Bundle ($37)

You will receive 6 reports from the brilliant mind and pen of Tony Shepherd.

OTO 3: Dennis Becker Intro Special ($27.5)

You will receive 8 reports from Dennis Becker’s inventory, including some of his favorites.

OTO 4: Daily Seminar Videos, PDFs, Audios, 168+ pieces of content in each format, with PLR and resell rights ($197)

Here’s What You’ll Receive:

  • Killer Openers In Sales Letters
  • How to Overcome Skepticism
  • An Advanced Sales Tactic – The Red Herring
  • How to Write Sales Letters In Your Head
  • Jason Fladlien’s Success In 20 Minutes
  • The Commitment & Consistency Principle
  • Why Ethics In Business Is Over-rated
  • What To Do When Starting At Ground Zero
  • The Real Truth About The Law Of Reciprocity
  • A Better Way To Get Copywriting Clients
  • The Glory of Grunt Work
  • Alternative Article Marketing Strategies
  • How to Conduct Ask Campaigns
  • Creating Impossible To Ignore Hooks
  • How to Sell Solutions Instead Of Products
  • And so much more.

OTO 5: Best of 6 in 6 Coaching ($97)

It was named 6 in 6 Coaching, and the sales hook was that in 6 months you would learn the skills necessary to earn an income of 6 figures annually. Members would receive access to 2 live webinars per month, as well as access to 2 additional recorded webinars from the archives. And after 6 months, all the archived sessions would become available, no matter how many had accumulated. Also, one of the 6’s also stood for the fact that members would pay for just 6 months, and then all future webinar episodes will be at no charge. A very cool business model, and very popular. Thousands joined.

OTO 6: 2-page Google Docs Sales Machine (Ferrari Level for the price of basic) – $99


  • Pump out a cash machine in under an hour with the exact 2 Page Google Doc we and our clients use to flip on the sales faucet.
  • Drive hungry peeps to your cash machine with the 3 Posts or Emails (The first post has 2 sentences. 2nd has 7 sentences and the last post was only ONE WORD!)
  • IMPORTANT: Bank maximum money with minimum words with the SALES “Shortcut” PSYCHOLOGY behind our “No Brainer Campaign.” You’ll have at your fingertips all the self-paced training to make sure your Google Doc becomes like an ATM you can bank on again and again. How many 5 figure sales pops do you want your 2 page G Docs to spit out?
  • BONUSES Spit out cash windfalls selling your products/programs just “sitting on a shelf”. Our 2 favorite email and FB group hacks for creating BUYING FRENZIES…so easy and NOBODY does it. Our #1 one-word subject line of ALL TIME for opens AND SALES.

OTO 7: Guaranteed affiliate request approval for DennisAndBarb W+ offers ($29)

If you’d like to speed up your rise up the ranks, we’re offering guaranteed affiliate request approval (only for DennisAndBarb offers, of course) to those who show their sincerity by purchasing this offer.

After purchase, we’ll send you a special code which you can use when you request approval for this or any future offer. Keep in mind, you’ll still have to do your best to send good quality traffic, and your conversions will be monitored.

Conclusion & Extra Bonuses

Thank you for taking the time to read my Evergreen Gems From Geniuses  article. I hope I have provided you with enough information about this amazing product.

And the final decision is yours. Good luck to you guys and see you in my next article!

You can have an opportunity to receive extra bonuses if you finish 2 steps below:

♦ Step 1: Order the product by clicking the button below


♦ Step 2: After your purchase goes through, email your receipt to me at tonyreview99@gmail.com so I can confirm your purchase and email you information about how to access to your bonus material.










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