Fergal’s 7-Day Challenge Review & OTO (Fergal Downes)

Fergal’s 7-Day Challenge Review
How you can make your first $297 sale within just 7 days of joining


This course shows you how you can make your first $297 sale online within the next 7 days by creating simple websites for people and companies without needing any tech skills. I show you how to advertise your website creation business on various different sites and also how to advertise offline too. Then I show you how you can make professional websites for people by using very simple, yet professional WordPress templates.

In a nutshell, Fergal’s 7 Day Challenge is a course that shows you how you can make your first $297 sale within just 7 days of joining and then how you can continue to make a further $297 sale every day after that. I give you all the tools, support and training that you need to be successful in this challenge and I will be with you every step of the way until you succeed.

Hey, it’s Fergal here. Thank you for visiting my 7-Day Challenge. One thing that I have noticed with courses online is that people are given the course and then they are left on their own to implement it. In talking with students I have discovered that this is NOT what students want. They want a method that works, but they also need that support system for if they ever get stuck and have to ask a question.

For that reason I have created the 7-Day Challenge which not only gives you an amazing method for making $297 per day online but you will also have direct access to me to ask me any questions that you might have.

You also have direct access to the entire challenge community so that you can see their successes as you go. This will motivate you and together we will build the biggest and best community of successful internet marketers available anywhere online!

Join now and I will personally see you on the inside.




When it comes to making money online the hardest thing is finding a method that works to bring you in a consistent income day after day… Once you have found a method that works then the rest is easy… You just rinse and repeat.

The truth is that with so many courses being launched every day that it can be hard to find a method that actually works to bring you in the results that you need in a short space of time.

Some methods require you to learn entirely new business models each time and they can take months for you to see any results from. Sometimes you will wait months to see results only to find that the results never come as the method simply does not work.

This can be extremely demoralizing for people who are just starting out and I have experienced 4 years of this exact trial and error myself when I first started internet marketing way back in 2008.

So, lend me your ears for a moment and I’ll tell you something that will change the course of your internet marketing journey forever.

What if I gave you a method that I use to make $297 every day with only 30 minutes of work needed to reach this payout? What if this method took you less than 7 days to see results from? What if you didn’t need any computer skills to make this work for you? What if I (a 7-figure internet marketer) was there with you every step of the way to ensure you complete the challenge successful and make your $297 per day target?

That’s exactly what I am going to give you inside this 7-Day challenge. From start to finish I will guide you every single step of the way to ensure that you make your first $297 sale within the next 7 days and then I’ll make sure you make a further $297 sale every single day after that.

This is not just a course. This is a course with a full support system as you have direct access to me for if you have any support questions to ensure that you are successful in this 7-Day Challenge.

This is the answer to all of your internet marketing needs. Not only do you get a course build by me, a 7-figure internet marketer, but you also get:

  • Direct Access To Me For Support
    You get direct access to me for if you have any questions at all. I will be answering questions for all my students of this course every single day to ensure you are successful with the 7-day challenge
  • Step By Step Plan
    You get a step by step plan to make your first $297 sale in just 7 days or less. The training is done step by step so that we don’t leave anyone behind no matter what level of computer skills you have. This method is easy and fast so it works no matter what your experience level is.
  • Access To The 7-Day Challenge Community
    Inside the 7-Day Challenge community you will have access to all other students so that you can see their successes in real time. Seeing other people making $297 once, twice or three times per day will motivate you to have this success yourself.
  • Ongoing Updates – If Needed
    If there are any updates to this course I will add them to the members area. This is NOT a course where I take your money and leave you alone. I will be with you every step until you reach success.
  • All Of This And More For Just $12.95
    You get all of this above for the 1 time payment of just $12.95.



Mike Marino: “I spent 7 solid years miserably failing at this whole “make money online” thing. I lost thousands of dollars and in 2020, I maxed out my credit card. When I met Fergal, I was desperate. His methods are stupid simple… and they work! I made my first commission in my first day of starting. I finally tasted what it felt like to make money online. In 2020, I made $3,909 with Fergal’s method. Then in 2021, I brought in $10,125.67 in profit.”

William Weatherl: “I’ve gone through many of Fergal’s information products and have always got a huge amount of value from them. When I take action with the material, I always get excellent results. You can’t go wrong with any training he puts on the market.”

Val Wilson :”I really like Fergal’s courses. Everything he puts out is step by step, easy to follow training, and most importantly he always teaches systems that he actually uses himself, and uses successfully – no theory, just tried and tested methods that work.”



For just $12.95 you get full access to my 7 day challenge with all the bonuses including direct access to me as your mentor for support to ensure that you are successful with the 7 day challenge. Click the button below right now to get started straight away and I will see you inside the members area in just a moment.


You can also consider these upsells:

OTO Upsell # 1 – $37 – Done For You

This upgrade contains done for you campaigns and templates for you to simply plug and play. I also give more ways that you can advertise your web design business online.

OTO Upsell # 2 – $27 – Mass Traffic

Upgrade 2 is traffic training from Fergal. It details our best traffic methods that are working right now in 2022 to bring unlimited traffic to your blogs, sites and offers. These traffic methods are both free and paid traffic methods.

OTO Upsell # 3 – $67 – Product Launching

Upgrade 3 shows you how I have made 7 figures online by launching micro products on JVzoo, Warrior Plus and ClickBank. This training sells for $997 elsewhere online.

OTO Upsell # 4 – $97 – Coaching

Upgrade 4 is access to Fergal’s monthly group coaching calls where I will teach exactly how I make money online. You can have 1000 different courses and methods but if you don’t have anyone to put your questions to when you are stuck it can be difficult to make real progress online. When you join this upgrade you get access to Fergal’s group coaching calls for life.

OTO Upsell # 5 – $2 Trial, Then $37pm – Empire VIP

The Empire VIP Club is a monthly recurring membership club where you get both free and paid traffic training which opens up on a monthly basis. You also get access to the members only FB support group which both Fergal and the 1,200 person strong community help you to get success with the Empire method.

OTO Upsell # 6 – $47 – Resell Rights

You get 100% commission to promote “Fergal’s 7-Day Challenge” as your own product.


Fergal’s 7 Day Challenge is pefect for:

♥ A affiliate marketer

♥ A digital marketer

♥ A affiliate site owner

♥ A small business owner

♥ An online coach

♥ A web developer

♥ A newbie

♥ Full time entrepreneurs

♥ Web developers

♥ Freelancers

♥ Bloggers

And the list goes on and on.

Conclusion & Extra Bonuses

Thank you for taking the time to read my Fergal’s 7-Day Challenge article. I hope I have provided you with enough information about this amazing course.

And the final decision is yours. Good luck to you guys and see you in my next article!

You can have an opportunity to receive extra bonuses if you finish 2 steps below:

♦ Step 1: Order the product by clicking the button below


♦ Step 2: After your purchase goes through, email your receipt to me at tonyreview99@gmail.com so I can confirm your purchase and email you information about how to access to your bonus material.










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