FlikViral Review 2022- A collection of 100 Viral videos created by Shelley Penney

FlikViral PLR – Self Help Social Media Pack
Use It Yourself OR Sell It To Clients For Profit


What Is FlikViral?

Flik Viral  is a new online library delivering you many hundreds of fresh social media content. Over 100 viral video quotes and posts for social media plus a ton of content that you can use on Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Blogs and more. Every month Flik Viral will release new content with a different niche focus.

With Flik Viral, you will never struggle for social media content again. We’re giving you more than a full year of incredible content including viral video quotes, blogs, articles, tweets and so much more!

>>>You can download Flik Viral Here<<<

FlikViral Review – How Does It Work?

FLIK VIRAL Is So Simple To Use:

  • STEP#1: Login and Select Your Content from HUNDREDS of videos, post ideas, tweets, blog posts
  • STEP#2: Edit if you wish
  • STEP#3: Post on Social Media
  • STEP#4: Watch Your Followers Soar!

FlikViral Review – What Does It Offer You?

We know that some of our customers want a complete done for you finished video that they can just set and forget, and some want to edit it to be more personal. So here’s what you are going to get.

1/ 100 Viral Video Quotes With White Label License And Source Files For Easy Editing.

We researched Self Improvement and picked out the best quotes and tips to create square format animated videos. These video snippets, professionally animated on backgrounds designed by our in-house team are ready to deploy as-is, but we’ve included source files and alternate formats in case you want to edit them, put your name and logo on them.

White Label License means you can use them and sell them as your own. Even put your own name and logo on them and call them your own.

100 White Label Viral Videos Come In The Following Formats – DFY Or Edit As You Wish

  • 100 Video Quotes/Tips in MP4 Format
  • 100 Video Quotes/Tips in .pptx Format
  • 100 Video Quotes/Tips in Camtasia Format
  • 100 Static Quotes/Tips in PNG Format
  • 100 Static Quotes/Tips in PSD Format
  • You Also Get Royalty Free Music
  • You Also Get Fonts

You can simply grab the MP4 or the static image and use it right out of the box. But having the source files gives you the option of editing the words, changing the music, adding your branding like a logo or website. So many different options. You can even use our viral videos as templates- change the background and add your own words and you’ve got unlimited content for the rest of your life

2/ 20 Ideas To Increase Interaction

Engaging and connecting with your tribe should not be just a series of rigid strategies. Allow your ideas to be as fluid and responsive as the community that is driving you. Always be on the look-out for “clues” to what they need next. Here are some ideas to get you started.

3/ 50 Things To Blog About

One of the most challenging things about blogging is getting started. If you ever get stumped on what to write about, here are 50 ideas to help get the creative juices flowing.

4/ Strategies to Increase Productivity

Here are tons of hacks to increase productivity. It’s one of the biggest topics in the Self Improvement niche and are sure to resonate with your followers.

5/ 75+Ideas-for-content

Did you ever sit down to write, and come up short? Here are 75+ Ideas For To Get Your Creative Juices Flowing.


6/ 190 Tweets bonus

You’re never going to run out of short little conversation starters! These can be used anywhere, but they are the right length for all the microblogging platforms. Here’s 190 short posts you can use on any social media channel to grab some viral love. You are going to get:

  • 30 Time Management Tweets
  • 50 Organisation & Productivity
  • 50 Procrastination Tweets
  • 60 focus and productivity tweets

8/ Daily Content Planner

This value packed planner gives you the prompts you need to plan your postings in advance!

9/ Weekly Content Marketing Journal

Finally here’s the topper on the cake! A ready-to-print


FlikViral Review – What Could You Do With All This Content?

  • Use them on your own social media​ to gain massive traffic.
  • Post them on your blog to begin an article.
  • Include them in your autoresponder emails to your list
  • Start a Social Media Management agency.
  • BECOME A SOCIAL INFLUENCER! Post Viral Videos, and all the rest of the content to increase your audience (These pages gain hundreds of thousands of fans and sells for big bucks) The Ad revenue is awesome too!
  • Create viral gif for added reach! Creating gif file from video is super easy with free online software!
  • You can also sell the videos to clients for THEIR content! You get white label and resell rights for all 100 viral videos. Do whatever you want with them. (This license is only for the viral videos. You can’t resell any of the documents, calendars, articles or checklists)
  • Your Idea Here!

There are so many different ways you can make money with Flik Viral.

FlikViral Review – Why Should You Grab This Product?

If You Want To Get Followers You Have To Start. You need to post content EVERY DAY that people will engage with, interact with and SHARE. In Marketing, That’s A Complex Process Broken Down Into The Simplest Form. And it sounds simple! But it’s not really.

Because creating engaging content takes time, money,
software, designers. And creating one content post is not enough. You need a constant steady flow of content. In fact you should plan for at least one post every single day. That’s a lot of posting. So how hard could it possibly be to come up with say… 100 little viral video posts anyway? Well It took our graphic design team an entire month of 8 hour days to do it.

Yes really! You need to get 100 different ideas, 100 different picture backgrounds, and 100 different quotes that will connect to your audience. You need 100 royalty-free music clips, and a video creation suite so that you can put it all together. And it’s not even as easy as that sounds because you have to make hundreds of tiny little decisions. Which quotes are best for engagement? Which pictures will speak to the most people. What is the easiest video maker possible to put it all together? SO MANY DECISIONS!!

Relax! Sit Back, Put Your Feet Up! Don’t Worry About it! Because WE’ve got your back with Flik Viral. Flik Viral library is full and absolutely brimming over the top with motivational quotes in ANIMATED VIDEO format. Then we added DFY posts, blogs, tweets, emails, viral graphic quotes and MORE. More than an ENTIRE YEAR’S WORTH of content in the Self Development Niche. I mean seriously- Self Development is THE number one hot marketing niche in the entire universe. It’s always hot. And this beautiful, emotion grabbing, engaging social media content are all ready for you to use right out of the box.

Here are 4 reasons you should get this product now

  • Complete market domination with over 365+ days of social media content to totally dominate any niche & claim expert status!
  • Skyrocket your fan base or manage social media for top dollar!
  • Never search for content ideas ever again!
  • Hook audiences from any social media site for unstoppable free organic viral traffic

FlikViral Review – Price And OTOs


So Let’s Do A Quick Recap, Here’s What You Are Going To Get:

  • 100 Viral Video Quotes With White Label Rights And Source Files For Easy Editing.
  • 20 Ideas To Increase Interaction
  • 50 Things To Blog About
  • Strategies to Increase Productivity
  • 75+Ideas-for-content
  • 190-Tweets-bonus
  • Daily Content Planner
  • Weekly Content Marketing Journal

Normally you would pay ton of cash to hire someone to
create your video content, and you sure wouldn’t get source files! Heck- just the White Label License is worth a fortune. And that’s just for a very small fraction of the content you are getting today!

But you’re not going to pay anywhere near that. Because today we have a VERY SPECIAL OFFER to access our entire library of Viral Video Content for social marketers in Self Development niche. Today you are going to get ALL OF THE ABOVE including our entire library of Flik viral “Self Development” edition Viral Videos, and every single one of our valuable bonuses for ONE extremely low price- only $17.

Why would you wait anyway? Today is the day you get to start making money. Don’t put it off!. People are handing over their cash to your competitors with every moment you delay!


OTO1: FlikViral – Self Development Edition Platinum ($27)

– 20 animated video infographics in Self Development niche including PPT and Camtasia files

OTO 2: FlikViral – Self Development Edition Elite ($67)

– Mega Bundle of video Infographics and Viral videos in 3 different niches- The equivalent of 3 more full fe/OTO worth of products in one amazing package.

OTO 3: FlikViral – Self Development Edition Reseller ($97)

– Reseller- Sell our funnel, Keep all the profits 100% of FE-OTO1-OTO2

OTO 4: FlikViral – Self Development Edition DFY ($147)

– Let us set up your own website reselling all of the viral videos and infographics from FE through OTO2 – Completely turnkey- your business will be ready to take sales!

OTO 5 : FlikViral – Self Development Edition Membership ($29 monthly/ $297 annual)

– FlikViral Membership- Every month get brand new video and infographic content!

FlikViral – Frequently Asked Questions

What’s Flik Viral- Self Development Edition?

Flik Viral- Self Development Edition is a collection of 100 Viral videos with White Label Rights and an entire full year of social media posts, content ideas, calendar and planning docs so you can completely dominate Social Media channels in any niche!

How To Edit?

The viral videos come with Camtasia and Powerpoint project files – use either software to edit the videos. You can also import the videos into ANY video editor to adda logo, yours or your clients name or website and more.

How Will I Receive My Order?

After your order has been processed, an email with the login instructions will be automatically sent to your email. Please check your email instruction on how to access your ordered products.

Our products are delivered through the JVZoo and/or Warrior+ platforms, so if you don’t want to wait for an email, just login to find it.

What If I Don’t Like Them? Can I Get A Refund?

You should pay attention to our requirements. Once you access the download page, there are no refunds, unless there is a technical issue with the files that is our fault, and that we can not fix or replace.
This policy is a policy in alignment with Paypal’s policy on intangible goods, and congruent with both W+ and JVZoo standards for sellers.
Please see link in footer for more information regarding our refund policy.

What License Do I Get?

You will receive White Label License for the viral videos, and commercial license for the documents and articles. In some cases, certain products and bonuses may have licences included. In this case, the license included within a folder will apply for that particular module or nonus.

You can relabel and resell the videos if you wish, and you can use the rest of the Flik Viral package for your personal and customer projects.

If you manage social media for other individuals or brands, feel free to use the content to earn money.

Can I Get More Templates ?

Yes And We Recommend It!
We have incredible upgrade packages available to you.
You will be presented with upsell options after you leave this page! None of them are necessary as this product is a fabulous stand-alone product, but stick around and see what else is on offer. We have some incredible deals!

Have a question not answered here?

Please send your support request to : https://www.shelleypenney.com/support

Conclusion & Extra Bonuses

Thank you for taking the time to read my FlikViral article. I hope I have provided you with enough information about this amazing product.

And the final decision is yours. Good luck to you guys and see you in my next article!

You can have an opportunity to receive extra bonuses if you finish 2 steps below:

♦ Step 1: Order the product by clicking the button below


♦ Step 2: After your purchase goes through, email your receipt to me at tonyreview99@gmail.com so I can confirm your purchase and email you information about how to access to your bonus material.










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