Flip Flop Profits Vol. 2 And OTO (DPAPA)

Flip Flop Profits Vol. 2 
How To Generates $5,626.48 per week with only 20 minutes of Work With Affiliate Marketing


Inside Flip Flop Profits Vol 2, I show you how I’m able to generate over $33,545.09 from just one Marketplace in just 10 Months with Affiliate Marketing. These are all based on My Personal Promotional Strategies shared inside FFP Vol 2.0. My unique strategy does what nothing else on the market can: Create instant unique review posts, in just 20 minutes, and generate over 5,000$ in affiliate commissions, following my own 3 step process.

My method has PROVEN-TO-CONVERT, and these steps I take, help me generate sales from weekly promotional reviews I do on my websites. There’s no guesswork because my strategy will help you do this for yourself following the 3 simple steps taught inside :

  • Instantly find the next top Affiliate Offer which will bring you 100% commissions, and evergreen passive income.
  • How to Properly Set Up and Promote for profits with Affiliate Marketing.
  • How To Put your content in-front of hungry buyers with Free Traffic Included.

This works great for anyone wanting to learn how to get started with affiliate marketing, for a long term sustainable affiliate business. It’s the ultimate proven step by step guide and coaching to help you achieve results at last by generating commissions with marketplaces like Warrior +, Jvzoo, or even Clickbank. It’s generating me a passive income with a simple step by step strategy anyone can do. It’s doing the same for my past customers that followed my exact strategies, taught in Flip Flop Profits Vol.1. Now it’s your turn.



Hey it’s Demetris. What I’m about to share with you is guaranteed to change the way you make money online forever. I’m an accredited entrepreneur, with a B.A.A in Entrepreneurship, from Central Michigan University back in 2002. I would have never thought my path to affiliate marketing would lead me to what i’ve got a degree in. From the 9-5 actually practicing what I’ve learnt during University years.  If you’re fed up with the false promises that are doing nothing but stripping you of every hard-earned dollar with your name on it, then it’s in your best interest to stick around on this page. Chances are you’re here because you’re looking for an online income stream that is SUSTAINABLE and that can bring you some seriously life-changing income.

And you want it to be super SIMPLE and easy to do. And you want it to bring RESULTS that you can finally write home about. In other words, you want an income that will enable you to live life on YOUR own terms because you just can’t stand the fact of working 40+ hours a week to build someone else’s paycheck. The big reason people are failing online is they don’t have the crystal clear steps to follow. Fortunately you’ve got me to follow. I’m actually taking you by the hand and I will show you exactly what you need to do to start generating some money through my personal system I created. This is why I worked around the clock to bring you the a SIMPLE path to creating an Evergreen 100% passive income that pays you for years to come. This is pure over the shoulder’s training you will enjoy with evergreen methods that work. You’ll be the judge of that inside. Sincerely your coach in your journey. Demetris Papadopoulos.


  • Huge Time-Saver & Money Saver: Stop wasting hours of time manually creating content for your cash machines. I have a software that will help you create full content based on the offers you’re promoting instantly! Unique and Google friendly. And it’s all Free.
  • Laser Targeted Traffic To Your Winning Affiliate Offers: Instantly get your content and offers in front of laser targeted traffic to the offers you’re promoting. My goal is to make you a profit from the method taught inside, in 24 hours.
  • Boost Your ROI: Your Low to zero investment, will get you high ROI either instantly, or through passive income. Your choice is inside the training.
  • 20 Minutes Per Promo is all It takes: I take you by the hand, to help you create a 20 minute per promo that can bring you up to $5000+ a week through the system i have in place. Plug and play, DFY templates are all included inside.


♦ Discover evergreen offers and 100% commissions

Within minutes of following my over the shoulder’s training, and setup, I will guide you on how to apply for your affiliate links, get approved, and also, find offers that will bring you commissions on evergreen. The trick here for a sustainable evergreen business, will be to have products that will be around and also will pay you for months and years.

♦ Get Approved and Get Free Product Access

Learn how you will be finding review accesses to products you can promote. Most products will require you to apply for review access, or you need to build relationships with vendors to get review access. I show you how you can uncover where you can get free product access for your own reviews. These accesses are usually time based, meaning they will lock up when a product finishes its launch.

♦ Create DFY Content and Drive Traffic

Learn how to build your campaigns easily without actually doing much work. 20 minutes per promos is what it takes for me to get 1,000-5000+ commissions everytime.

You will be building the exact foundation I have built to guarantee your success. But this all depends on how consistent you will be, and how persistent you will be too.

♦ Real Case Studies Inside

By following my step by step training inside Flip Flop profits, youw will be copying my exact methods to how I was able to generate over 40k in just one month, by promoting affiliate products. It was done with paid traffic, free traffic, email traffic, and blog traffic. All steps are revealed all the steps you need to know.

This is your fast start into affiliate marketing on Warrior +, Jvzoo, or Clickbank.


  • STEP 1: Follow my exact steps in uncovering the best offer to promote that will allow you to generate an evergreen passive income. Learn how to get free access and get approved to get your links.
  • STEP 2: After building your foundation online, you will be able to create content instantly allowing you to create promos in 20 minutes. These 20 minutes can bring you $1,000-$5,000+ depending on your persistence and consistency. You get everything DFY to get started.
  • STEP 3: Learn to drive free and paid traffic to your offers, with as little as $5 dollars or even FREE depending the choices you make inside Flip flop profits. You can be enjoying profits in as little as 24 hours if you implement all steps shared inside FFP.


♦ Beginner And Wallet Friendly

Flip Flop Profits is built for any level of experience and budget. Everything inside is made for the person who doesn’t have a big budget. From there the sky’s the limit.

♦ Epic Support & Training

I personally use this method and system , since 2014.

Because your success is our success, you get the absolute best support in the industry with multiple ways to contact me. And of course you get over-the-shoulder training to set you up for success right out of the gate. Really a step by step implementation covering EVERYTHING

♦ Proven Battle-Tested & Results

Everything I teach is exactly what I do in my business, and you can see it inside my training. You will be amazed by the transparency, but also the ease of following what I’m teaching to help you get the results I got which I show you inside. Real results, from a real affiliate marketer, who’s a real accredited entrepreneur. Doesn’t get more honest and real as this.

♦ Get Paid From Multiple Platforms

This method can be replicated and used for Jvzoo Products and Clickbank Products. My Flip flop profits method, works with all affiliate marketplaces. The templates are all found inside, including my step by step video training showing you how to connect everything.


♦ Inclusion #1: STEP BY STEP BLUEPRINT TO My Affiliate Marketing Business

Flip Flop profits Vol 2 is based on my real results with affiliate marketing. I have a 3 step strategy I use where I rinse and repeat for many years, with consistent results. Learn how I find winning offers to promote, that pay me on evergreen most of the time.

♦ Inclusion #2: DFY THEMES, DFY TEMPLATE, DFY CONTENT & Free Traffic

Go through my step by step training to building your foundation online. Take my own DFY templates, and my methods of creating content in seconds, without really lifting a finger. Use free tools, and also generate Free Traffic to your content.

♦ Inclusion #3: Real Case Studies with Real Promos

My Methods helped me generate $1,000 to $5000 per promo, with only 20 minutes work. See how I was able to achieve these results, through the exact TRAINING you’re getting within the front end of this course. Follow my steps to achieve these real results which i have been able to perfect, since 2014.

♦ Inclusion #4: Step By Step Guide, Video Training and Blueprint

Get Access to my step by step training videos, covering every single step you need to take to build yourself a sustainable affiliate business. Basically a replica of what i’ve been using since 2014 with my affiliate marketing strategies. This method is a very simple, method that takes me about 20 minutes on each promo to help me generate over $1,000 each time.

This is a beginner-friendly training course consisting of over the shoulder videos, designed to get you started as a total newbie or even advanced in Affiliate Marketing.

All training is over the shoulder, take you by the hand, making it really stupid easy for anyone to get started today!



Bonus #1: Access to Flip Flop Profits Vol 1

Get access to the first version of my Flip Flop Profits course that was released back in 2017. This is again, addition to what you are getting inside FFL Vol 2, but with other traffic methods, and other tools used back then. I still use these methods, and you will see the change throughout the years with the new course. Everything inside, is still working today.

Bonus #2: Passion Blog Pro

This is where it all started. Passion blog pro, is proof of the fact that i’ve built my business back in 2014, only to see nothing but the same methods. This however, was the actual step by step of my whole business online, how it all started, and how it’s still growing today. Great value and overall sharing my whole online career, something others would charge an arm and a leg.

Bonus #3: Passion Tube Profits

In this online business, you need to learn how to build a youtube channel, so that you can drive some quality traffic to your websites. Inside Passion Tube Profits I provide you with detailed, step by step, videos on how to build a channel online but also how to monetize it through affiliate marketing and Google adsense.

Bonus #4: Passion Fuze

Inside Passion Fuze I cover everything you need to know about the Jvzoo Platform, how to earn commissions with Jvzoo, but also how to build your passion online and start making money from it, through the Jvzoo Platform! This is one of my premium best training courses, covering everything that has to do with Jvzoo.



Recap Of What You Will Get:


You can keep struggling in finding your path online and keep struggling to make the profits you deserve. Or you can start believing in affiliate marketing again, even after failed attempts you might have had in the past. Grab this proven solution and training, to jumpstart your online career as an Affiliate marketer for Warrior+ , Jvzoo, or Clickbank.

You will never struggle in learning the right method in this space again. I reveal everything! No stones unturned. Any newcomer, age or gender, can follow and implement for results overnight. So what are you waiting for? Click the button to get Flip Flop Profits Vol 2 now.


Flip Flop Profits DFY Suite OTO 1: $67

Looking to get started with affiliate marketing?

Or maybe you’re already an experienced marketer but you’re looking for a way to scale your business and get better results without all the grunt work. Either way, DFY Suite is perfect for you.

We provide done-for-you built landing pages, optin pages, and review pages for Clickbank offers and affiliate offers from Warrior+ and JVZoo. These pages are evergreen, battle tested, and traffic tested. All you have to do is enter your own affiliate links within the content and send traffic to these pages. You can even install these pages on your own servers or use our built in subdomain feature to add your own domains.

Plus, we have a DFY Review Template that you can use with Paid Traffic , 10 Evergreen Warrior+ and JVZoo offers, 20 DFY Reviews for Top Clickbank Offers, 10 Optin Funnels, Discount coupons and Guaranteed Approval to promote, and exclusive bonuses from high converting promos I have done. Get started today with DFY Suite and see the affiliate marketing results you’ve been dreaming of!

Flip Flop Traffic OTO 2 ($197)

Looking for a traffic service that will provide you with around-the-clock organic traffic?

Look no further than Flip Flop Traffic. Not only will you get traffic from our 24/7 traffic service, but we’ll also optimize your Pinterest account to help you get even more traffic from there. Plus, we’ll give you a DFY affiliate marketing website that you can use to start making money online right away. And all of this comes with our free traffic guide and setup service. So don’t wait any longer, sign up for Flip Flop Traffic today!

Flip Flop Profits My Biz + Coaching OTO 3 ($497)

Do you want to start an affiliate business but feel overwhelmed at the thought of doing it all yourself?

Or maybe you’ve tried to start an affiliate business in the past but didn’t have the time or resources to make it successful. Introducing My Biz- a done-for-you service that will take care of everything from building your website to branding to creating content. Plus, you’ll get 1:1 coaching from me on how to make your business successful. My Biz is the perfect solution for busy people who want to start an affiliate business but don’t have the time or knowledge to do it themselves.

I’ll take care of everything for you so you can focus on growing your business. Included in My Biz are exclusive plugins, training courses, and content that I create myself. You’ll also get free access to products that i’m promoting earlier, and guaranteed approval if denied. You’ll be getting my exclusive bonuses that I’m offering for these products, and also 60% commission on my own products, with future review access to my future products. And all this will be shared inside a private inner circle group where I’ll be able to respond to your Q&A ‘s. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to have a successful affiliate business without any of the stress! Click here to sign up for My Biz today.


What is Flip Flop Profits in a nutshell?

This is a simple-to- follow beginners training into learning how to generate money with affiliate marketing, from 3 different marketplaces. Warrior + Jvzoo, and Clickbank .

I take you by the hand and show you the exact steps that generated me $1,000 to $5,000+ per week on promos based on 20 minutes per promo.

What makes this different from other Affiliate Marketing Courses Out there?

The information shared inside Flip Flop Profits, is based solely on my own personal results (DPAPA) . I have been generating these types of commissions, since 2014, when I first started my journey with Affiliate marketing. I was consistent and persistent and I have developed a 20 minute method, taught inside, to bring me the results I have today. Everything taught inside is not based on theory but based on facts with proven results inside.

Are any other investments required?
Because the method inside teaches you the of the lowest-cost in building your online foundation, it’s all budget friendly, and you won’t be exceeding 50 dollars. You will be starting out pretty much for free though. So don’t worry. All is explained inside.

Will I be rich tomorrow?
Maybe? Depending on what rich means to you. You will definitely learn how to generate commissions. There is no risk to lose money here. I show you how to save money. I show you how someone who only has a few dollars to spend can actually get started.

Conclusion & Extra Bonuses

Thank you for taking the time to read my Flip Flop Profits Vol. 2 article. I hope I have provided you with enough information about this amazing product.

And the final decision is yours. Good luck to you guys and see you in my next article!

You can have an opportunity to receive extra bonuses if you finish 2 steps below:

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♦ Step 2: After your purchase goes through, email your receipt to me at tonyreview99@gmail.com so I can confirm your purchase and email you information about how to access to your bonus material.










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