Forex Gold Miner Review – Combine A 500 Year Old Charting Method

Forex Gold Miner Review
Combine A 500 Year Old Charting Method With 2022’s Most Cutting Edge Indicator


There’s a new and radically different way for you to start consistently banking winning Forex trades, especially if you trade Gold or Crypto or the Indexes using your Forex broker.

It’s called Peaks and Valleys, and once you learn how to trade it properly (it only takes a few minutes…I’ll show you just below), you’ll never need to buy another indicator ever again.

And it’s very different from the common methods you’re likely familiar with because of how it points you to the most likely winning trade entries by determining the most accurate current price trend and entry price.

And as you will see, it’s so simple to learn you’ll likely be in a winning trade within minutes of installing and continue taking only high probability winning trades from now on.

Best of all, it won’t require you to spend hours in front of your platform or put huge amounts of your account at risk on each trade.

And you can get into winning trades starting right now, even if you are brand new to trading Forex and don’t know the first thing about the charts; we’ll train you to trade.

So, if you want to start scoring some massive winning trades starting in just minutes, please pay close attention to what I’m about to share with you.

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 Forex Gold Miner Review – What Does It Offer You?


Easy to say, not so easy to prove, unless you have video. They have video. Check it out.

Go back and watch it again if you need to and pay attention to the trailing segments of the indicator (behind price action by a few boxes). Notice those line segments do not disappear or recross in the opposite direction.

They have a name for that.


So Why Renko Charts?

In simple terms, (1) Renko charts give you a cleaner picture of price action, and (2) Indicators perform better on Renko Charts almost every time.

To make this as clear as I possibly can, take a look at these two charts:



The chart above is a 5 minute chart, the chart below is a 15 minute chart.

Notice the circles around the 3 consecutive candles (on both charts).

Notice the circled candles have small bodies and large wicks.

Now look at the Renko Charts for those 3 circled candles…it’s the price action in between the two vertical red lines:



See how in both Renko charts you have multiple profitable trade opportunities?

You don’t get that with the Candlesticks (or Bars or Lines).

So while the 5M and 15M chart traders were sitting there waiting for something to develop, Renko Chart traders were taking trades that closed in profit anywhere from 500 to 3500 pips (each box is a 500 pip box on the US30, equal to a $5 price move).

Watch He Trades Peaks and Valleys Live
Tuesday, April 19, 2022 Starting Around 1:30 p.m. Eastern

Now You Can Confidently Take Trades With Minimal Loss Exposure and HUGE Profit Potential on Charts Like






Go back and look at the dates on all of those charts. Notice they all were captured within the last few days.

Too many vendors have to search through weeks, or even months of charts in order to find one section of a chart where their product seems to work well.

We don’t need to search to find the perfect charts.


And the rules of trading PV2 profitably couldn’t be simpler.

Buy the up trends when both the PV2 and the Renko boxes are moving up and Sell when they are both moving down.

If you want me to, they’ll try and make it more complicated.

But simply waiting for the chart to align and entering the trade at your first opportunity will turn you into a regular winner as a Trader.

But as simple as it is, to be safe they have both video and PDF training available on the download page, along with a collection of tools and other training that will make you a Forex Trading Master if you’ll just take the time to study and absorb all the material.

So what exactly are the tools and training included with this package?

  • The Peaks and Valleys indicator (PV2) for both MT4 and MT5. Load it up using the default presets;
  • A pair of templates that install PV2 exactly the way they use it, with both Black and Grey (see the TESLA charts, above, for an example of the Grey background) backgrounds;
  • A training video that walks you through all 5 trade setups you’ll look for;
  • A second training video that will help you fine tune your entries and exits;
  • A PDF that also walks you through the 5 setups;
  • The Renko EA you’ll need to set up a Renko chart on the MT4 platform;
  • Instructions for Setting Up Renko Charts on MT5;
  • Video and PDF instructions for setting up a MT4 Renko chart;
  • A list of suggested Renko Box Sizes for a variety of different charts;
  • The ChartTrader on-chart trading button EA;
  • An installation and training PDF for using the Chart Trader buttons; and
  • A copy of Forex Earthquake, which some call the best tutorial on trading chart patterns ever written. Having this knowledge will be invaluable as you hone your trading skills using Peaks and Valleys on a Renko chart.
  • JUST ADDED=>=>:The PV2 Deluxe package of indicators and tools that make a simple trading method even simpler.
  • It may seem like a lot, but you’ll use all these tools to train yourself to start taking winning trade after winning trade, starting as soon as you set up your charts and start trading with the simple rules.


The $4k A Week trade Plan is actually quite simple.

You start with an account with anywhere from $500 to $1000, and trade a single micro-lot (where a 100 pip/penny move equals 1 point equals $1).

You take a single chart: US30 (or whatever your broker calls the chart based on the Dow Jones Industrial average)

You turn that chart in a Renko chart with a box size of 500 (where 1 box equals 500 pips = 5 points = $5).

You add the PV Deluxe template (the charts you see in the Trade Plan PDF).

You trade the PV Deluxe rules until you’ve bank 100 points (the equivalent of 20 Renko boxes).

You quit for the day and come back tomorrow.

After enough winning days (depending on your starting balance) you increase your account to $2,000 and raise your trade size to 2 micro-lots.

Trade until you reach $4000 in your account and double your trade size to 4 micro-lots.

Double again to $8,000. Raise trade size to 8 micro-lots.

Now each 100 point day is worth $800. 5 trading days a week = $4,000 a week in gains from trading.

You think that’s impossible?

Watch this video.

On an average day, for the US30, there are more than 3,000 Renko boxes generated. Each box is worth 5 points.

3000 x 5 = 15,000 points.

To meet the $4k a week trade Plan Rules, you need to bank 100 of them.

You’ve seen enough charts and enough examples of both the PV2 and the PV Deluxe indicators to see knocking out 100 points in a day is really just a matter of trading during times where there is some significant activity (price action) taking place and taking the best signals when they arise.

If you can follow those simple rules you can easily bank 100 points a day and reach the $4k a week goal within a few weeks (usually 6-7 weeks if you’re starting with $500-$1,000).

Trading will never get any easier than this for you.

 Forex Gold Miner PRICE ($197)

You came to this page because, like U2 sings, you still haven’t found what you’re looking for.

You got into trading as a way to consistently make money and so far, you haven’t found that right combination of indicator and charts to make it happen for you on a consistent basis.

The good news is, with Peaks and Valleys, you’ve found the right tools to turn yourself into a profitable trader.

Don’t let that happen to you. Don’t put off winning for another day. Click the button below and get started right now.


Forex Gold Miner FAQS

Q. Will Peaks and Valleys Work on the time frame charts as well, and if so, which are the best time frames to trade?
A.Yes, it will work on time frame charts, but at nowhere near the level of consistency found on Renko charts. It will work on any time frame, but for scalping stick with the 1M and 5M and for longer term trades it’s very good at spotting highs and lows on the Daily chart.

Q.How many PC’s can I use PV2 on?
A.As many as you think is necessary. We do not limit you to one or two computers.

Q.Will PV2 work on a Demo account or only on live accounts?
A.Either one is fine, and in fact we always advise to trade for at least a day or two on Demo just to be sure you understand the rules and can apply the correctly before you risk any real money.

Q.When is the best time to trade using PV2?
A.That really depends on the chart you are trading. Gold is pretty safe to trade around the clock, while Indices and specific stock charts are better to trade when the actual brick and mortar markets are open (although with US30 the London session is also a safe time to trade).

Q.Is PV2 available for the MT5 chart? NinjaTrader 7? NinjaTrader 8?
A.Right now we have MT4 and MT5 versions of PV available. We are still trying to determine if a market exists for either NinjaTrader version.

Q.Will this indicator stop working after a year?
A.No, we do not host the indicator on our servers and make it subject to any future decisions to remain active in the market (which is why so many other indicators do stop…the sellers just walk away from the market and stop paying for hosting). It will continue to work for as long as you want.

Q.Can I pay with Bitcoin?
A.Send me an email at and l will see what I can do for you.

Q.Will this work for US based traders?
A.It works for US traders who have Offshore Trading accounts, but does not work on US based platforms, except for trading Forex pairs exclusively.

 Conclusion & Extra Bonuses

Thank you for taking the time to read my  Forex Gold Miner Review. I hope I have provided you with enough information to ease any hesitation about purchasing this amazing product.

And the final decision is yours. Good luck to you guys and see you in my next review!

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