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Germinates 2.0 Reviews 
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Hey and welcome to my Germinates 2.0 reviews. It’s Tony here from where I give honest digital product reviews along with awesome bonuses for products I truly believe in.

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Germinates 2.0 Reviews – The Overview




Creator Jimmy
Product Germinates 2.0
Launch Date 2022-May-03
Launch Time 11:00 EDT
Official website Click here (discounted link)
Front-End Price $67
Bonuses Yes, Huge Bonuses
Skill All Level
Guarantee 30-day money-back guarantee
Niche Software 
Support Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Recommend Highly Recommend!

Germinates 2.0 Reviews – Introducion

The Truth is, making money online is actually pretty simple and only when you know you know! easy pizza right? And although the basics haven’t changed …Almost all marketers – both new and experienced – don’t have the resources or shortcuts to breakthrough. Whether that’s making your 1st 5dollar or scaling to job-replacing multiple income. LOOK Here!!. You Have NOT Been Given A Fair chance. While every other day you hear more stories about more people making money …Reaching your goals still feels like more of a dream than a feasibility. So what do you do? It’s actually pretty easy.. You Bombard The Roadblocks To Profit. There are many issues that could be holding you back while you are not seeing the green light. Some technical, some knowledge-based… isn’t it? A common roadblock is the lack of tools required for converting cold traffic into DAILY leads & affiliate commissions… so what’s the secret to bombarding these “roadblocks”? Germinates help you Create an infinite scalable affiliate network powered by automation, real-time data reporting, and unique features, creating a more complex affiliates program for your business is easy with Germinates Manage multiple affiliate programs, track affiliate partners performance, assign commissions, upload your products to the e-commerce store or use your already established business website, let thousands of affiliate sell your products Increase sales like never before, use the Multi level marketing features to entice your prospective partners for 20 level deep recurring residual income.

Germinates 2.0 Reviews  – What Is Germinates 2.0?

Germinate is an all-in-one software for managing affiliates programs for E-commerce products and Services – start your affiliate programs with just 3 steps. Get the Best Affiliates – We continuously recruit list of affiliates partners those who will provide the most value to your products and services. Get Results Fast – Never worry about SALES again! Our algorithm ranks Affiliates for each sale based on conversion rates, profit margins, popularity and other factors so you don’t need to spend hours every day researching.

Germinates brings the power of growing together as a team using Affiliate marketing, get started instantly on a self-hosted affiliate marketing, tracking and e-commerce web application designed to help you promote your products and services to a large audience.

Germinates 2.0 Reviews  – How Do You Use It?

Step 1: Set up
Push Button Setup – Simple Setup Wizard To Start Pushing Your Traffic Through Germinates

Step 2: Connect
Connect Any Site or Software Start Selling Without Any Additional Work

Step 3: Sell more
Gain Access To a Massive Untapped Audience, Publish And Reach New Audiences

Germinates 2.0 Reviews – Features And Benefits

Do I Need Germinates For My Business? YES You Do!

  • Promote Your Services & Products Track Everything & Pay Commissions
  • Drive traffic to your website Earn from your own users without doing anything!
  • Increase sales on your website Turn your site into an income multi-level marketing system
  • Generate leads & pay commissions Track Site clicks, landing page clicks, Store Sales, Leads, Action
  • Better SEO and search engine results Register forms – Register membership – Register users and many more integrations types…

E-commerce Module Manager

Don’t you have a website or online store to integrate with an affiliate program? Don’t worry, we already thought about that for you, Germinates System comes with a complete online store module that you can run at the same time you even can manage an affiliate commission program! All this includes no extra fee with our item..

SellPhysical/Downloadable/virtual Products, A full checkout process includes the most popular live payment getaways, unique url links and name for your e-commerce store.

The E-Commerce module allows you to manage all your online business in one place without any need to create an online store or any external website. As you can use the included e-Commerce store to sell your products and services, one of the most important feature is that the E-commerce auto-generates the social media share links for your affiliates without doing anything! A more advantages is that you do not need to work on two systems and synchronize data between two sites, as germinates gives you the full solution of the e-commerce store and online forms with a full affiliate programs in one place! Isn’t that amazing? As a Vendors you can upload your own products to our flagship e-commerce and boost the sales with all other affiliates of the system. Imagine that you upload one single product that for example, 500 affiliates share the link with only 5 friends from their private network[Facebook/Instagram/email] and many more, the result can be [500 x 5= 2500] clicks in one single share!


  • Manage your Ads from one tool
  • Super Advanced Market Tool
  • Banner Ads Manager
  • Video Ads Manager
  • One-click get code to site
  • Manage your transactions with a recurring manager
  • Recurring Integration with your site/store and our integrated flagship e-commerce store.
  • Set a recurring cycle to any transaction
  • Set a recurring to any Ads you create
  • Set a schedule for any recurring integration
  • Play And Stop any running recurring transaction

It allows you to create an affiliate program integration with any site or use our flagship e-commerce store with a full list of supported technologies. You install ready to plug & play plugins to the supported CMS without touching any code and in 5 mins only! Integrate with unlimited website and unlimited tracking. For other frameworks, you will need to place the integration code manually inside your site header and your order confirmation page as well. We have full documentation for this case .The script comes with a full-order API integration library if you need to create your own custom integration. We are offering a custom integration for any case with your site, just contact us please and we will give you the best offer we can with our service.

Unlimited Tracking


Sales Driving Social Media Sharing Campaign


Your affiliates can easily promote on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many other social media websites. Assign all your affiliates referral codes so they can easily promote on social networks, with the social sharing, you can easily add pre-written posts with graphics for your affiliates to share on all the major social networks. Now it is super easy for your affiliates to promote you with the right message from the system. Imagine that you upload one single product that for example, 500 affiliates share the link with only 5 friends from their private network[Facebook/twitter/email] and many more, the result can be [500 x 5= 2500] clicks in one single share!

Award Level Module Manager

Award Level Module to create commissions levels & bonus levels for your usersSee. Use this module to motivate your affiliates
This module allows you to set unlimited levels with some roles like:
1. Minimum earning for jumping to the next level.
2. Bonus to the user, once complete the level target jump to the next one.
3. Commission rate % to each level, like [level-1 = 15%, level-2=20%..etc].
Example: Users from level-1 can earn a maximum of 15% commission from sales campaigns, store products until they will each to the minimum amount, and be legal to jump to the next level.

Languages & Cms Frameworks Supported

This module allows you to create an affiliate program campaigns, Integrate it with your site or store and share the campaign affiliate link in affiliate panel marketing so your affiliate will promote it and will earn commission per the integration you created like Sales, Clicks.

Order Integration 100% To Any Store/Site Integration with your Custom website/store/platform and pay commission per sales Integration with your WooCommerce website and pay commission per sales Integration with your Magento website and pay commission per sales Integration with your OpenCart website and pay commission per sales Integration with your Prestashop website and pay commission per sales Integration with your BigCommerce and pay commission per sales Integration with your OsCommerce website and pay commission per sales Integration with your XCart website and pay commission per sales Integration with your ZenCart website and pay commission per sales Integration with your Codeigniter website and pay commission per sales Integration with your Laravel website and pay commission per sales Integration with your Lumen website and pay commission per sales Integration with your YII website and pay commission per sales Integration with your CakePHP website and pay commission per sales Integration with your Symfony website and pay commission per sales

Registration API Module

This module allows you to implement a registration PHP form on your site and register your site users to be an affiliate on Germinates affiliate management system platform. There is an advanced API that allows you to develop any process with a registration function as well.

Boost your sales exponentially with the power of affiliate marketing, and keep your business growing while you sleep.

Easy To Use Affiliate Management Tracking And E-commerce Software

Track Affiliates
Keep track of all affiliate partner performance, engagements, qualified leads, and conversion rates.

Lead Generation
Affiliate marketing is the most effective and least expensive way boost online presence, achieve higher targeted traffic, and increase sales.

Assign Commissions
Assign commissions based on conversion rates through streamlined reporting and affiliate program software.

Issue Payouts
Automatically reward affiliate partners with commission bonuses when they reach sales milestones.

Promotional materials are the essence of affiliate marketing. promotions in advertising are farm from foolproof, but using the right marketing strategy, paying attention to analytics, and utilizing the correct promotional material at the right time can yield brand awareness and high profits.


You can rely on affiliate marketers to advertise your products or services with banners, and to provide prospects with visual advertisements that entice them to interact.


Video is an electronic medium for the recording, copying, playback, broadcasting, and display of moving visual media that affiliate use to broadcast your marketing


It is a coherent set of signs that transmits some kind of informative message, a text is any object that can be read for affiliate use and purpose of promoting your business


The term LINK refers to a particular type of link used in affiliate marketing that drives customers to offers they are more likely to buy

Advance reporting module allows you to display many types of reports you need about your system acts as the number of clicks, users registrations, sales commissions, actions commissions, export full reports for each user, and many more.

Germinates 2.0 FAQs

Is there an oto?
No, it is a frontend product only at $67

What is the market price?
Similar products on the market charge about $129 per month, you can check

Do we have access to tutorial?
Yes, there is a documentation for the buyers that shows how to use the software.

Conclusion & Bonus Package

Thank you so much for reading my Germinates 2.0  reviews ! I really hope it did help you with your buying decision. This offer is coming out with many bonuses for the early bird. Take your action ASAP for the best deal.

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