NFT collection Maker (Andrew Darius) Review – NFT collection Maker OTOs

NFT collection Maker Review
Generate Huge Crypto NFT Art Collections


NFT Collection Make Software Review

NFT collection Maker Software Review FE + 2 OTOs Upsells:

NFT collection maker software includes 1 Front End and 2 OTOs. Check this upsell/OTOs:

Main product (Front-End): NFT collection maker By Andrew Darius et al (More details)

Upsell #OTO 1: NFT collection maker Pro edition

Upsell #OTO 2: NFT collection maker agency license

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NFT collection Maker Software Review – The Overview


Creator Andrew Darius et al
Product NFT Collection Maker
Launch Date 2022-Apr-20 
Launch Time 10:00 EST
Official website Click Here To Visit
Front-End Price $37 One-time [Discounted]
Bonuses Yes, Huge Bonuses
Skill All Level
Guarantee 30-day money-back guarantee
Niche Software
Support Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Recommend Highly Recommend!

NFT collection Maker Software Review – What Is It?

NFT Collection Maker software generates massive Crypto NFT art collections automatically With TTC AI tech & have them ready for sale with as little effort as humanly possible.

NFT collection maker software deploys your NFTs on Ethereum blockchain right from the dashboard

NFT collection maker finally makes it both affordable and super easy to generate a collection of thousands of art pieces, customize the included Ethereum contract, and deploy it on Ethereum blockchain right from your dashboard.

NFT Collection Maker is a very needed tool and there are no others like it on the market.

This product is super easy & straightforward to use for artists and anybody who hires artists on fiverr,, upwork etc.

Version 1.0 allowed the creation of images and metadata using proprietary TTC AI tech but all related deploying NFTs to a blockchain like Ethereum was not in the app.

Images themselves do not become NFTs until they are on blockchain, and this is what the version 2.0 does.

Version 2.0 not only creates NFT images but includes built-in customizable NFT blockchain contracts which people can deploy to Ethereum and other blockchains with a click.

After a contract is deployed from the NFT Collection Maker 2.0 dashboard, users just need to copy/paste provided code to their website to start selling NFTs right away.

In short, NFT Collection Maker allows everybody to have their own NFT collections created without any technical experience.

There is nothing like this on the market. No other product supports the entire process from generating NFT collections, through deploying NFTs on the blockchain, to delivering done-for-you code for NFT sales on the website.

NFT collection Maker Software Review – How Do You Use It?

Here’s How Easy Artwork Collection Generation Is With NFT Collection Maker

Step 1: Create categories and upload base images (we will tell you to get those)

Step 2: Generate preview

Step 3: Export Collection


NFT Collection Make Software Review

NFT collection Maker Software Review – Features And Benefits

  • World’s #1 NFT Collection Maker App With TTC AI technology
  • Generates Thousands Of Arts For Collections
  • Programmatically-Verified Artwork Uniqueness
  • Customize & Deploy your NFTs Ethereum contract right from the dashboard
  • Cloud App – Nothing To Install
  • As Easy As It Gets To Use
  • Includes FREE Software Updates
  • Highly optimized Ethereum NFT contact. Lowers NFT minting gas fee up to 60%.

NFT collection Maker Software Review – What It Can Do For You

Automatically Generate Software-Verified Unique Artworks That You Can Sell As NFTs
Are you ready to discover the first to market groundbreaking app with proprietary TTC AI technology, which allows you to automatically generate software-verified unique artworks you can sell as NFTs?

If so, I’m about to show you a 100% turnkey solution which generates massive NFT collections ready to be sold, and allows you to not only charge one time payments, but also forever automatically collect passive royalties every time your NFT gets resold on a secondary market, such as OpenSea.

♦ TTC AI Technology Does All The Heavy Lifting

And don’t worry, with our software, generating massive crypto art collections and making them ready to mint on Ethereum by your customers is as easy as it gets.

Because of our proprietary TTC AI technology, anyone can make a NFT ready crypto art collection and put it on the Ethereum blockchain for sale without any prior art or tech experience.

♦ NFT Collection Maker Lowers Your Cost As Much As Possible

For example, the super cool art collection you saw in the NFT collection maker demo was generated from a base art made by a part-time freelancer hired on

While it will not cost an arm and a leg to hire a freelancer to make your base art, it will not be free either.

NFT collection maker was designed in such a way that it will lower your freelancer cost as much as possible, because the graphics designer only needs to create parts of the art, and then software will automatically combine these parts to make the entire art collection.

♦ Consider Making Your First Collection Smaller – Just 3,000 Art Pieces
Also if you are new to the collectible art business, and want to save even more on freelancer work, we suggest making a smaller 3,000 art collection, which requires less base art variations.

Let me be clear, if you do not want to spend any money on base art creation, and you are not inclined to make the base art by yourself, the NFT collectible art business is not for you, due to the fact that without a base art, NFT collection maker will not have anything to work with.

♦ Go Ahead & Become A Part Of New NFT Economy
On the other hand if you feel like what you heard so far makes sense, and you want to go ahead and become a part of that new economy, we will make hiring a freelancer as easy as possible, give you a ready to use project template, and the exact info on how the base art must be prepared.

Because your base art will be unique, that would translate to your entire collection being completely different from anyone else using the NFT collection maker.

NFT collection maker uses advanced TTC AI technology to not only create, but also programmatically-verify artwork uniqueness which is a must for NFT art collection.

♦ Host The Entire Collection Of thousands of art images for your NFTs completely for free.
After your collection is generated you need to host those images somewhere, and here again we have the great news for you.

We will show you exactly how and where you can host the entire collection of thousands of art images for your NFTs completely for free. Yes, you heard it right. You will pay nothing at all to host those images.

♦ You Own Ethereum NFT Token Contract
NFT collection maker app also includes Ethereum NFT token contract you can customize right inside the app.

So-called Ethereum NFT token contract is what allows you to turn art images into the NFTs on the blockchain.

The things you would need to enter to customize your Ethereum contract are as simple as the names, the description text, link to where images are hosted, and the price.

♦ Detailed Step-By-Step Tutorial Videos
After your names, description, and price are in, all that is left for you to do is to put your contract on the Ethereum blockchain.

To do that you will simply copy/paste your edited contract text into an easy to use free web app, set a few settings, click a few buttons, and be officially an NFT art collection owner.

We will provide a detailed step by step video showing all the steps from copy/paste to clicking the final deploy button.

♦ Just Copy/Paste Buy Button
After your NFT art collection is generated and your NFT contract is put on Ethereum blockchain, your collection is all prepared to be sold but you still need the ability to actually sell it from your web page.

You need to have a web code, which allows people not only to buy your art from your webpage, but also instantly mint the art they purchased to the blockchain right after they paid.

While normally creating such a code is a complicated step, the NFT collection maker makes it as easy as it gets.

♦ Access Pass To The Secret ”Alpha” Group

As a NFT collection maker user, all you would need to do is to copy/paste the ready made code from your account into your web page and you are done.

Last but not least, your membership is also an access pass to the secret ”Alpha” group where you can not only share your collection, but also discuss with others everything related to NFTs, including hot new trends to jump on, and under the radar top NFT drops.


NFT collection make software review


NFT collection maker software review


NFT collection maker software review


NFT collection Maker Software Review – What Users Say About It?

What People Are Saying About NFT Collection Maker:


NFT collection Maker FAQs

Q: Do I have to install NFT Collection Maker on my computer?
A: No, NFT Collection Maker is cloud software so you do not need to install anything on your computer.

Q: How much do updates cost?
A: We include all updates to version 1.x for FREE for the duration of the license.

Q: Do you provide tutorial videos?
A: Yes, we have created a full set of video tutorials.

Q: How do I get support?
A: Easy! Just visit us at

Q: Do you have money back guarantee?
A: Yes, we do have a 30-day no-question-asked money back guarantee. Just drop us a note and we will refund your purchase in full.

Q: Is there a twitter account I can follow to learn more about NFT and Crypto space?
A: Yes. Click here to follow Andrew Darius on twitter.

Q: Is there a NFT Collection Maker Discord server I can join to learn more about it and ask questions?
A: Yes. Click here to join NFT Collection Maker Discord server.

NFT collection Maker Software Bonus Package

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