Passive Solo Hijacker review – Make money online is easy

Passive Solo Hijacker review

Make money online is easy



Creator Michel Sirois
Product Passive Solo Hijacker
Launch Date 2022-Mar-08
Launch Time 11:45 EST
Official website CLICK HERE
Front-End Price $17 One-time
Bonus Yes, Huge Bonus
Skill All Level
Guarantee 30-day money-back guarantee
Niche Training course
Support Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Recommend Highly Recommend!


Passive Solo Hijacker is the is the exclusive new training that shows you exactly how to start your passive income business so you could have more time on your hands and more money in your pocket. It is one of Michel Sirois’s most guarded secrets, that makes you monthly recurring income by using Solo Ads and ‘deadbeats’ that buy memberships, never logging-in, and keep paying every month, up to 1 year straight, sometimes even longer.


  • Great for beginners who want to build monthly recurring income on complete automation
  • 1-Time set-up of 20-30 minutes, that’s it
  • Legally high-jacks unclaimed passive income on complete automation – Never Revealed Until Now
  • Fast & Easy to Get Started
  • Unlimited support
  • Get Started Today


Making money online is easy… when you know how to legally Hijack ‘UNCLAIMED’ passive commissions online. Do you want to start your passive income business so you could have more time on your hands and more money in your pocket. You will achieve that, and in just a few minutes you will have your hands on the exclusive new training that shows you exactly how to do it.

Leverage the power of the internet by working smart!

Michel Sirois and his team figured a way to set up ONLY 1 Passive Income Machine that pays you day-in, day-out, month-in, month-out, like clockwork.  This leaves us more time to do the things we really like doing in life, knowing that the money will continue flowing in our PayPal accounts regardless where we are or what we are doing.

Recurring Income ROCKS!

Especially when you can legally hijack ‘unclaimed’ commissions. This type of leverage allows you to go all sorts of places, doing what you want when you want, doing what you love, with the people you like being with, while knowing that PayPal notifications are pinging your phone each time a sale comes in

Have you ever considered just how time-saving it is to do the set-up only once, and get paid over and over, month after month?

Once you know how to collect monthly payments from ‘unclaimed’ memberships, you immediately begin to free up your time, and your life begins to change for the better. You get to work less and make more money at the same time. That’s the beauty of recurring income after all, would you agree? It gives you all the freedom you need and want. Time freedom as well as financial freedom. And that there is a very powerful combination!

Just knowing that if you needed to take vacation you’d still get paid, now that’s exciting. How would you like a piece of that sweet pie? Would having all that extra income make a difference in your life right now?

But where do you begin? How do you set-up? How do you drive traffic?

They had discovered the 1 secret to ensure you make profits from recurring profits. And they are about to reveal their secret formula, right here, right now…for a limited time, and for the first time ever. Exclusively and for the first time ever, they’ve recorded a set of easy-to-follow videos to show you how you can legally grab ‘unclaimed’ membership commissions, starting today. If you’ve always imagined yourself living from the recurring income you get from your PayPal account, then I have some exciting news for you.

In a moment of pure delirium, they decided to put this 3-step training together to show you how you can copy and paste their entire business in less than 30 minutes, by legally hijacking passive income, day after day, month after month. You’re about to discover a real nasty dirty secret that only membership site owners know, revealed to you today. How would you like to build just 1 passive income machine that legally Hijacks recurring income for you right away? You can do this in your spare time, without ever creating membership sites, and before you know it you’ll have recurring income raining in your bank account, while you do other things with your precious time

So your goal may be different to the next person… But whatever your goal is…you can achieve it by simply applying the 3 tiny steps revealed in Passive Solo Hijacker!

Take a look at some of results as below:

Passive_Solo_Hijacker result

Want some of that? then grab Passive Solo Hijacker now!

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If you take action today, you get these 4 fast action bonuses, entirely for free

Passive_Solo_Hijacker Bonus 1

Passive_Solo_Hijacker Bonus 2

Passive_Solo_Hijacker Bonus 3

Passive_Solo_Hijacker Bonus 4

Want to learn more? Get the complete method and the 4 free bonuses right now.



Passive Solo Hijacker is about making profits online by using ‘Recurring’ as the money-making method and by using ‘Solo Ads’ as a traffic source.

Inside, they show how to automate everything in just a few minutes. 

It comes with 4 bonuses:

Bonus #1: Online Startup Bootcamp: Swipe set that gets passive monthly income from the basic tools marketers use such as: Domain, hosting, autoresponder, click management software, getting traffic. If you use Aweber, you can even load these swipes at the click of 1 button.

Bonus #2: 1-Click campaign upload: For Aweber users, this bonus will allow them to load the email campaign in 1 click of the mouse. They just need to add their affiliate links, name and picture, which is a major time-saver for users.

Bonus #3: Unlimited ‘1 on 1’ support by Michel Sirois via FB or Skype

Bonus #4: Free access to Michel Sirois’s Solo Ads (And mastermind) group

What are you waiting for? This special limited-time offer will not last long.  Grab this full course and the 4 free bonuses now and be on your way to success.

Yes order now


OTO #1: UTILIZER ($27/$17)

Passive_Solo_Hijacker OTO 1

Utilizer’ will show you how to outsource solo ads in a very special way, without even having to build a list.
You will be using your clients money to scale-up and profit, making it 100% risk-free for you!
-With this method, you will also be getting free clicks from your  spillover traffic, giving you the possibility to build their own lists and/or get affiliate commissions, without costing them a penny out of their pocket!
– In time, you will be able to go from outsourcing Solo ads and getting a cut from your sales, to getting having your own lists to process clicks for your clients and keep 100% of the profits you get!
– It’s the perfect business model for beginners to dip their toes into traffic selling, by going through the process in baby steps! –
This is what they have been teaching beginners for the last 8 years and because it’s ‘Evergreen’, it still works very well to this day. –
Inside, they are revealing this exact method to you.
– It also comes with 4 high value free bonuses


Passive_Solo_Hijacker OTO 2

Full Throttle Profits is all you will need to build a huge list and get 100+ free leads per day on complete autopilot, by trading traffic with other members of their community


Passive_Solo_Hijacker OTO 3

Facebook Free Traffic Loophole is all you will need to get free Facebook traffic. It’s a simple and SAFE posting method that generates them thousands of dollars to this day!
They’ve been selling this traffic method privately for the last year or so and they can assure you that those who gets this and do it, will profit!
With this method you can build a list, promote their blogs, affiliate offers and much more


Passive_Solo_Hijacker OTO 4

‘Passive Solo Hijacker’ Commission Boost
By upgrading, You will be able to get 100% commissions throughout your entire sales funnel


What is the training about?

‘Passive Solo Hijacker’ will show you how to build a recurring income machine in less than 30 minutes by using Solo Ads as your main traffic source. I will walk you through each step to legally Hijack ‘UNCLAIMED’ membership commissions, by giving you the ULTIMATE secret that ONLY membership site owners like me know, which in return can make you a lot of monthly recurring commissions.

For who is this training for?  Is it ‘beginner-friendly’?

 Yes it is totally beginner-friendly. It’s for anyone who can copy/paste and follow a few simple instructions. It’s for people who want to get recurring commissions each month in their PayPal or bank account by using leverage and automation.

Will I need to create a membership site?

NO, not at all. You have nothing to create. You just need to copy over my shoulder during the video training (3 Simple steps) and you will be set-up in less than 30 minutes, ready to start getting recurring commissions on complete automation.

Do I need to buy traffic for this to work?

This course is about making monthly recurring profits from Solo Ads. Logically, you should be buying Solo Ads… to make profits from Solo ads… Inside the training area, you can get low-cost discounted traffic packages from me, but in all honesty, you can get your traffic anywhere you want with this system.

Will I need to buy ‘1 time offers’ for this to work?

No. This training is ALL YOU NEED to SUCCEED with this UNKNOWN METHOD.

Do you offer “1 on 1” assistance to ENSURE success?

TOTALLY. Michel Sirois will guide you when you have questions and work with you “1 On 1” to get you through the next step, each time you need it. The fact that Michel is so hands-on with his students is what makes his coaching program successful…

Is there anything unethical or immoral for using this money-making method?

No, not at all. Everything shown in this training is legal, moral and ethical, guaranteed.

How do I get paid?

By PayPal or other. It depends… You will promote different types of recurring offers. That’s what makes this training so good. You can promote any recurring offer you want. It’s the method that will make the difference.


Thank you for taking the time to read Passive Solo Hijacker review at tony – review. I hope you have found the information relevant and helpful to make your final purchasing choice.

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