PLR Customer Service, Support, and Experience Review- PLR created by Joan Altres

PLR Customer Service, Support, and Experience Review- PLR created by Joan Altres



PLR Customer Service, Support, and Experience Review – The overview


Creator Joan Altres
Product PLR Customer Service, Support, and Experience
Launch Date 2022-Mar-14
Launch Time 9:00 EDT
Official website CLICK HERE
Front-End Price $14 One-time
Bonus Yes, Huge Bonus
Skill All Level
Guarantee 30-day money-back guarantee
Niche PLR 
Support Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Recommend Highly Recommend!

PLR Customer Service, Support, and Experience Review – What is it?

Customer Service, Support, and Experience” is a complete 10-module, 37-video training course, created by Alex Genadinik, that has been taught to over 25,000 students and is a “Bestseller” on Udemy with a 4.5 overall customer rating. It’s being offered to you with PLR at a steep discount for a limited time.

PLR Customer Service, Support, and Experience Review – Features & benefits

  • Get Instant Access to This 10 Module, 37 Video Training Course and Sell It As Your Own: You’ll get to download every module, video, and resource included with this course right away, so you can add it to your own online training site, sell it as your own training product, add it to your paid membership, and you can even use it as a high value optin bribe for high quality leads!
  • NOT AN EXPERT? NOT A PROBLEM. Your PLR license allows you to leverage the expertise of an accomplished trainer (optional): You can say you “partnered” with Alex and use his name and credentials for your own sales page and course pages. You’ll become “the expert” along with Alex and achieve instant credibility!
    This course is rare in that it solves a problem that plagues every kind of business type and niche.
    You’ll attract both existing businesses and new ones who want to start providing great customer service from the very beginning!
    Get 5-star ratings for providing this stellar training!
    Alex updates all his courses when necessary or when he simply wants to improve the material.
    You’ll get notified when the course has an update available, and about which module and video the update pertains to.
    This means you’ll only need to buy this course one time, and it will be an “evergreen” training course for you and your customers from that point forward!
    When your customers achieve real results, that’s when they’ll want to buy from you again and again…and this course will help them achieve the results they need!
    Whether you provide it as part of a bundle offer (very popular), or as part of your paid membership, this training will be a helpful and effective solution for your customers.
    They won’t be able to resist seeing what other courses you have for sale!


PLR Customer Service, Support, and Experience Review – What does it include?

Course inlcudes 10 Modules/ 37 Videos (1920×1080 HD)
(see a video sample below the list)

  • Module 1: Course Introduction – 1 Lesson
    001 – Customer Service Introduction – Duration: 2:57
  • Module 2: Customer Service Fundamentals – 4 Lessons
    002 – Customer Care Important for Growth – Duration: 5:42
    003 – Customer Support vs Customer Experience – Duration: 5:39
    004 – Seven Types of Customer Complaints – Duration: 7:12
    005 – Anatomy of a Customer Complaint Interaction – Duration: 8:05
  • Module 3: Dealing With Angry Clients – 3 Lessons
    006 – Example of an Angry Customer Email and Common Misunderstandings – Duration: 2:26
    007 – Dealing With Angry Clients and Deciding When to Fire Clients – Duration: 5:22
    008 – Firing Bad Clients – How to Say Goodbye in a Professional Way – Duration: 4:38
  • Module 4: Using Positive Language in Your Interactions – 3 Lessons
    009 – Saying “No” in a Positive Way That Sounds Like “Yes” – Duration: 5:42
    010 – Adding Positive Words to Your Customer Interactions – Duration: 2:16
    011 – Examples of Negative Words Not to Use and How to Rephrase – Duration: 2:00
  • Module 5: Active Listening Skills – 4 Lessons
    012 – Active Listening for Your Customer Service – Duration: 2:10
    013 – Example of Active Listening and Improved Comprehension – Duration: 3:25
    014 – How to Not Lose a Customer With Bad Support – Duration: 4:50
    015 – Ask to Rephrase to Make Sure You Understood – Duration: 2:29
  • Module 6: Adding Your Unique Voice and Personality – 6 Lessons
    016 – Inspiring Client Interactions – Duration: 1:25
    017 – Examples of How to Add Engagement and Proactive Support – Duration: 4:54
    018 – Podcast Example to Learn From – Duration: 2:54
    019 – Example of Grout Product Creating Support Group on FB – Duration: 3:10
    020 – Say “Thank You” in Every Communication – Duration: 5:28
    021 – Customer Service Software and Tools – Duration: 3:28
  • Module 7: Emotional Intelligence in Customer Support – 5 Lessons
    022 – How Emotional Intelligence Plays a Role – Duration: 2:08
    023 – Introduction to Empathy – Duration: 4:08
    024 – Using Emotional Intelligence With Your Customer Support Interactions – Duration: 3:12
    025 – Emotion Checklist – Duration: 4:05
    026 – Understanding the Emotion of Anger – Duration: 6:49
  • Module 8: Online Reviews – Listening and Getting Insight – 2 Lessons
    027 – Getting Insight Despite Hurtful Comments – Duration: 8:08
    028 – Customer Service Through Google Alerts – Duration: 3:46
  • Module 9: Customer Development and Outreach – 3 Lessons
    029 – Incorporating Customer Support Into Feedback and Product Improvement – Duration: 1:20
    030 – Customer Development by Steve Blank – Duration: 1:55
    031 – Eric Ries – Lean Start-up and Product MVP – Duration: 3:46
  • Module 10: Using a Customer Feedback Form for Customer Support – 6 Lessons
    032 – Creating a Customer Feedback Survey Using Free Google Forms – Duration: 1:18
    033 – Creating an Account in Google Docs to Use Google Forms – Duration: 2:35
    034 – Multi-page Forms – Duration: 4:35
    035 – Finishing the Customer Feedback Form – Duration: 3:19
    036 – Script for the Feedback Collection Email – Duration: 2:31
    037 – Customer Feedback Form Results – Duration: 7:45

Additional Materials Included With Your Purchase
You’ll also get all of the following additional materials for this course with PLR to help you provide the training to others.

Audio Files: They’ve generated MP3 audio files for each video lesson. Provide these for people who want or need to listen to the training instead of watch it.

Transcripts: You’ll also get the Machine generated transcripts that are about 85% accurate. Edit these a bit and post it on your lesson pages for each video.

Course Materials: You’ll get all of the checklists, worksheets, and screenshots Alex provides his students for this course for the lessons he has these available for.

You Also Get 2 Sales Videos Alex Made Encouraging Enrollment To The Course: One video is longer (2:35) and goes into more detail about the course, and the other is shorter (1:23). You can have a look at both and take your pick or use each in different promotional situations.


PLR Customer Service, Support, and Experience Review – What users say about it?

Here Is What Several of Alex’s Many Happy Students Had to Say About This Particular Course:

Aleksander S.: “I enjoyed learning about customer support and especially customer service as I learnt about all the types of complaints, structure of interactions, interpersonal skills, and the sociological and emotional aspect of dealing with customers. That was exactly what I was looking for! Bravo!”

Millicent: Customer Service Is KEY in all businesses. The course is quite relevant.”

Udemy User: Love The Course! “I love courses that give you exactly what you need without all the fluff. This course was great and the instructor really seems to care and content is interesting and engaging. I just bought several of his other courses, I love Alex’s style. I am super impressed.”

Sheldon G: Very Informative Course.”Would recommend to anyone who is looking into learning more how to serve clients in your business or for a business you work for.”

Oscar R: Great course, really. “I´d recommend it to anyone who works with people not only customer service specialists or receptionists, but I think many things in society would work better if more professionals took courses like this one (I mean physicians, lawyers, teachers, electricians, carpenters, etc.) I liked the instructor´s way of teaching.”

Akash S.:This instructor is freakin genius! “Full of knowledge, no useless stuff in the course, engaging and this course helped me a lot. Kudos champ and keep up the good work.”

David V.: More Confident “I am more confident in myself and my customer service skills now that I have studied this course. Therefore, I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is looking to improve their customer service skills. The tutor is very knowledgeable and much of what he teaches is from his own experience. Thanks for creating this course.”

PLR Customer Service, Support, and Experience Review – PRICE & UPGRADES

PLR Customer Service, Support, and Experience FE ($14)

The training was not created for selling it with PLR, but was created for end users to get real results. It has been updated, tweaked, and refined already for years up to the current date, and it’s a proven winner.

And now it can be yours to sell as your own!

  • Sell it on your online course platform as a premium training course
  • Add it to your membership site to enhance the value for future signups
  • Combine it with other courses and sell it as a discount bundle offer!
  • Add it to a related product offer as a high value bonus
  • Offer it as the ultimate freebie to get more appreciative subscribers on your list!

You can also edit the videos and other content as you like, and repurpose the course as you prefer. Sound great? So what are you waiting for? Just act now, you only need to pay the price of $14 to own it.


PLR Customer Service, Support, and Experience – the upgrades

You can refer some upgrade options below:

  • OTO1 – Flagship PLR Entrepreneurship Start Your Business – Launch Price: $29.75 (fixed price). Price goes immediately to $119 after the launch ends.
  • OTO2 – Flagship PLR Procrastination Reversal – Launch Price: $19.20 (fixed price). Price goes immediately to $64 after the launch ends.
  • OTO3 – Flagship PLR Improve Video Production In 1 Day – Launch Price: $10.50 (fixed price). Price goes immediately to $35 after the launch ends.


PLR Customer Service, Support, and Experience Review – Frequently asked questions

How can I make sales with this course since it is already being sold on udemy?

Udemy is indeed popular, but it’s not the only platform making money from selling online courses. For every person who loves Udemy, many others don’t like it. That’s why several other competing platforms, like SkillShare and Teachable, for example, do well.
You can make sales easily by packaging the course differently also:

  • Package it together with other courses as a bundle offer (this is very popular with buyers right now)
  • Add it to a membership site where you have other courses, which will enhance the value of the membership.
  • Add it to a completely different but relevant product offer as a high value bonus.
  • Offer it as a super high value optin bribe for people to sign up to your subscriber list (you can do this under the license terms – see the FAQ entry further below)

With tens of millions of businesses, solopreneurs, and freelancers around the globe, and with millions more beginning their business every year, you’ll never run out of potential buyers for this course.

How do I know people will be interested in this course enough to buy it?

Before you try to sell an online course, you should always do market research to determine the demand, but with this course it’s not necessary.
Most courses on Udemy barely get a few hundred buyers, but this course has sold several thousand units. The sheer volume of sales it has already generated should give you confidence that the course topic has high interest and will attract plenty of eager buyers for you.

More details about “cannot be sold…on training course platforms you don’t own”

Maybe you have a online course platform you don’t technically “own” that is a “done-for-you” platform and hosted for you, where you can upload your own training courses and sell them.
That’s perfectly fine. You can sell this course on those type of platforms.
Here’s the general “rule of thumb” you should follow:
If the training course platform has no marketplace, and you will earn 100% of your sales, that is acceptable, and you are good to go. Upload this course and sell away!
But if the platform has it’s own marketplace and you’ll only earn a portion of the sale for your own courses you upload, that is not acceptable. You cannot post this course on platforms with that kind of setup.
Product launch sites, like Warrior Plus, JVZoo, ClickBank, and other sites where products are listed for sale and have a marketplace (Gumroad, AppSumo, etc.), and similar sites, are also fine. You can sell this course on those sites as well.

What makes this course worth the price compared to others that cost less and offer more materials?

These days you can get a lot of content for under $10! And some of those products are really good – we promote many of them ourselves and encourage people to take advantage of those great deals when they can.
But with many of those under $10 offers, you have to buy at least the first upsell before you get the full content of the course. With this course, that’s not the case. You’re getting the full course when you purchase it.
Another thing that makes this course worth the price is the fact that it has already been proven to be a course that people will buy and that will truly help them. No guessing. You’re buying a proven winner.
And lastly, not many courses give you perpetual updates like this. That alone makes this a real bargain. For just the one time price, you get any and all updates as soon as they are available, and Alex has been updating his courses for years to keep everything current to maintain good feedback from his students. It’s a true “evergreen” course purchase.
Also, we are not a “biz-in-a-box” PLR provider, and although we do not supply you with ready-made sales pages and such, you are welcome under the license terms to use portions of our sales page as you like for your own sales copy, course description pages, etc.

Why are some of the lesson titles different than the ones on udemy?

Alex likes to use really long, descriptive titles, especially for the actual raw video files, and so we made all the titles more concise – both with the lesson titles and matching video titles, audio titles, and transcript titles.
Our lesson titles and file name changes make everything more organized and clear for you. But the license gives you the right to change the titles to anything you prefer.

How will updates to the course be delivered to me?

After you purchase, you’ll be placed on two different email subscriber lists:

  • Our General Newsletter list
  • Our Course Updates List

Even if you unsubscribe from the General Newsletter list, you’ll always receive immediate updates from the Course Updates list, which we only use to send you notifications about course updates and our own course launches (we don’t promote third party offers to the Course Updates list).
Alex has been updating his courses for many years, and we have structured the folders of each module so that they are neatly organized for you, along with the names of the videos matching the names of the audios and transcripts, etc.
Whenever there is a new update, we’ll notify you immediately, and we’ll let you know exactly which type of content has been updated, what module and lesson it pertains to, and where you can find it in the folder scheme we have put together for you.

How do I request a refund?

I always provide prompt refunds when requested within 30 days of the time you purchase. If you aren’t completely satisfied with your purchase, contact me at requesting a refund, and please provide your transaction ID which you can find in your receipt from Warrior Plus after you buy.
Please allow up to 12 hours for your refund to be processed from the time your request it. Thank you!

I have more questions. How do I contact support?

I love to hear from my customers and I answer all customer emails personally.
You can contact me any time here:
Because I answer customer emails personally, please allow up to 8 hours before contacting me again about the same concern (but feel free to send additional information as needed). If I’m awake, I usually answer within the hour I receive your email.


Thank you for taking the time to read PLR Customer Service, Support, and Experience review at tony – review. I hope you have found the information relevant and helpful to make your final purchasing choice.

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