Stupidly Simple Book Royalties Review And OTO

Stupidly Simple Book Royalties Review
His Book Makes Over $31,000 Dollars Per Month, And English Is Not His First Language!


Ok, his success is HUGE

But it’s REAL

This little book brings in royalties 

For FIVE YEARS now and counting 

By the way…

He’s NOT a writer!

English is NOT his first language 

But he still had massive success 

And he didn’t even write the book!

He ‘tweaked’ it for 5 minutes 

And then uploaded it

The royalties started flowing immediately 

This is NOT PLR 

It’s something far better 

I’ve never seen anything like this 

BUT let me show you proof

First: Check out his Amazon’s Bestseller Badge:


REMEMBER: That’s the book’s rank in the ENTIRE 

AMAZON BOOK STORE! That’s not its rank in some sub-category. This book is at the very top of the

Amazon mountain.

Not too shabby!

This book sells for $4.99

So, how many sales PER DAY?

See for yourself:

205 sales PER DAY! 🙂

That’s over TWO HUNDRED sales PER DAY!

This book is a true-blue success 

And I haven’t even mentioned the Kindle Version!

This book is legitimate 

It breaks NO Amazon rules 

Amazon gave it their Bestseller Badge 

This book has raked in royalties for 5 YEARS 

I’m going to be honest with you 

He made many mistakes 

Take a look at the reviews

Many people are not happy 

But the book keeps selling like crazy

There’s no stopping it

It’s been a moneymaker since 2017

And it makes MORE each year 

But as I told you before…

He didn’t write the book!

He just tweaked it here and there 

It took him less than 5 minutes 

Yes, most of this book is COPY/PASTE! 

NO, it’s NOT PLR

It’s something far more clever

And far more exciting 

He spent 5 minutes on this book

The cover is borrowed 

He did no promotion 

He didn’t spend a dime 

But he received life-changing success  

Even with all his mistakes, 

He did one BRILLIANT THING right 

And I’ll show you exactly how you can do it too

This book will never stop collecting cash

Here comes 10 more YEARS of profits!

With no end in sight 

This book is a retirement plan

We all need a moneymaker like this

Even a tiny portion of his success…

Is a healthy stream of royalties 

Now and into the future 

So join me on the inside 

Let’s succeed together 

Godspeed on your success 

And let’s get the royalties rolling!

PS: You can get access to the same COMPLETE BOOKS that he used to create his bestseller. These are high-quality, dramatic, compelling books that people really, really want. All you do is ‘tweak’ the text to make it yours. You can do this in LESS than 5 minutes. 

Simply press the ADD TO CART button below, and you will be taken to the Checkout Page. 

On the Checkout Page, you will see a little white square. Just click inside that little white square to add the Upsell. I circled the little white square on this screenshot for you:

REMEMBER: The Upsell is only available on the Checkout Page this ONE TIME. It’s not available anywhere else, and it’s only available right now. And the Upsell will give you a LOT MORE options.

We are more successful when we work together!

So click ADD TO CART

And let’s get launching!

I look forward to working with you!


Conclusion & Special Bonuses For You

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