Turbo Dymanic URL Review 2022

Turbo Dymanic URL review 2022 






Creator Purvesh Mahajan
Product Turbo Dymanic URL
Launch Date 2022-Mar-14
Launch Time 11:00 EDT
Official website CLICK HERE
Front-End Price $17 One-time
Bonus Yes, Huge Bonus
Skill All Level
Guarantee 30-day money-back guarantee
Niche Software
Support Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Recommend Highly Recommend!



Turbo Dymanic URL is the most effective, fast and empowering affiliate bonus link generation software on the market, allowing you to boost your affiliates’ efforts on steroid. This Software Allows Your Affiliates To Grab A UNIQUE URL of the Bonus page On Your Site so they can direct their traffic to your product. 


Step 1: Open Download Files
Step 2: Read the Manual Or Watch Video Tutorials For Step By Step Setup
Step 3:Create Your Own Affiliate Bonus Pages in 1 Click

Once installed on your website, this software instantly allows your Affiliates to Register, add their affiliate ID and their photo and start the magic


Get your affiliates instantly up & running by giving them the easiest way ever to offer bonuses for you product today. Boost your profits 1000X

  • It personalizes your bonus page DYNAMICALLY for them with their name, photo and affiliate link!
  • It allows you to get more affiliates the minute you set up a site – the easy and fast way!
  • It stimulates you more profitability!
  • It helps your affiliates to build brand loyalty because they are attaching their face to it!
  • It allows them to sell your stuff without their customers having to even leave your page

Turbo-Dynamic-for you

This will make Your Affiliates feel special and recognized. Once an Affiliate has Registered

They Can Upload Their Photos
They Can Upload Their Affiliate Id And Name
They Get Their Unique Bonus Page Link
They Can Use Bonus Page As Your Super Affiliates Can Use Their Hosted Bonus Pages
They Can Generate Lots Of Revenue For You

Here Is What Turbo Dynamic URL Will Start Doing
For You Today:

Benefits to you – the Vendor:

  • Quickly and effortlessly add registration and management functionality to your website so your affiliates can get their personalized URL FAST.
  • Offer a bonus page dynamically tailored made featuring your affiliates’ details.
  • Pages remain hosted on your site, meaning you the vendor can always keep your bonuses up to date, and relevant without having to worry about your affiliates using out of date information copied from your site.
  • Turbo Dynamic URL is a PHP software which is capable of being configured in any web server architecture
  • Not WordPress based – No hacking risks ever!
  • No database software required to run either!

Benefits to your Affiliates:

  • Once they have registered with your system they get their unique affiliate URL and can offer your bonuses right away!
  • Simply by using their personalized URL they shall be able to always display the most up to date information about your product directly from your site, but with their own branding.
  • They never have to write their own bonus page. It’s all done for them!

Turbo Dynamic URL is the future of affiliate marketing and it’s so simple to add it to your site. It makes everything easy and gives an incentive to your affiliates to sell your products

  • It saves them time!
  • It saves them hassle!
  • It cuts down on manual steps!
  • It personalizes your bonus page DYNAMICALLY for them with their name, photo and affiliate link!
  • It allows you to get more affiliates the minute you set up a site – the easy and fast way!
  • It allows you to add an affiliate manually too onto your admin panel.
  • It stimulates you more profitability!
  • It’s allows you to build rapport because your affiliate feel more visible!
  • It helps your affiliates to build brand loyalty because they are attaching their face to it!
  • It allows them to sell your stuff without their customers having to even leave YOUR page!
  • Even their customers will find their simple affiliate URL easy to buy from!
  • It appears to everyone that you are integrated into their site and they are not just selling random things for profit… this makes their reviews too about your product air tight and believable!



To start with your competition will eat you for breakfast. The price of Turbo Dynamic URL is soooo low… and rest assured your competitors will get this chance to use the software – that’s for sure. So… If you have a business, a website or are considering one – it would be insane not to have an affiliate “bonus page” facility so that your affiliates can have the opportunity to use it the same way big players do in the market.

This is essential free advertising for you. You already know that every time an affiliate chooses your product and sells it, especially if they do it well, you make money

Boost Your Business Now. What does this mean for you?
It means that for very little time and cost on your part, you can provide a powerful tool to your current and new affiliates to promote you better – and have this software up and running very quickly and with minimal effort. Once you install Turbo Dynamic URL it’s just a simple link per product, offer or bonus with their affiliate ID added on…. they can use their URL anywhere on their site, blogs, etc. and LINK BACK to your site <= that means YOUR PRODUCT’S EPC will get HIGHER indeed, if you know what I am talking about. Turbo Dynamic URL gives to each one of your affiliates a presence on each product you offer a bonus, thus making the visitors feel they are part of a single streamlined experience, rather than giving them the uncertainly of being redirected to a third party site away from your affiliate’s. So now, you realize that this software is essential to any Internet Marketer or online business owner/entrepreneur. It’s a simple fast and easy way to give affiliates a great and involved experience and let them make you some money.


If You Get it For Today. Fast action bonuses Worth of $3000+ Now:








Get Turbo Dynamic URL By Today

  • Empower Your Affiliates (Worth $397)
  • It personalizes your bonus page DYNAMICALLY for them with their name, photo and affiliate link! (Worth $397)
  • Increase Your Sales Like Crazy(Invaluable)
  • It stimulates you more profitability!(Invaluable)
  • No wordpress needed (Worth $397)
  • It allows them to sell your stuff without their customers having to even leave YOUR page!(Worth $397)
  • Free 4 bonuses today only!! ( Worth $3000+ )
  • Total value you get today is invaluable

One time offer, you will never see this again. So hurry and grab it now. Regular price $397  but Today only $17. So what are you waiting for? You have nothing to lose? Just act now.




You can refer some upgrade options with advanced features as below:

OTO 1 :- Turbo Dynamic URL PLR $67    >> Click here for details <<

OTO 2 :- Turbo Dynamic URL Reseller Rights $37  >> Click here for details <<

OTO 3 :- Turbo Dynamic URL Master Resell Rights $47  >> Click here for details <<

OTO 4 :- Turbo GIF Animator $17  >> Click here for details<<

OTO 5 :- Turbo GIF Animator Master Resell Rights $37  >> Click here for details <<

OTO 6 :- Turbo eCom $27  >> Click here for details <<

OTO 7 :- Turbo eCom Master Reseller Rights $137  >> Click here for details <<


Q. Does the software create bonus pages?
A. No. It allows you to add some code in your page so to display the name and photo of your affiliate and also dynamically add the affiliate’s link in it. However, you need to create the page – ie. Bonus page or what ever.

Q. Do I get any updates?
A. The software’s role is exhausted to the features it offers hence we do not plan to release a new version. If a new version exists in the future it will be released as a complete new software. In simple words: the licenses offered on this page for the prices available here cover the existing version of this software only.

Q. Do I get support?
A. The software’s manual covers everything you need to know for installing and using the software. While we have tested the software thoroughly in different environments, there is always 1 possibility that your specific server may not use PHP. In that case you are free to ask for a refund. Similarly if a “bug” is discovered (which is quite rare to happen after the thorough beta testing of it) we’ll release the corrected version to all customers.


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