WP Simulator Local Edition Review

WP Simulator Local Edition Review

Why Should You Invest In This Product?


Hey there! If you own a WordPress website, you know how much effort goes into bringing visitors to your site. But imagine, despite all your hard work, a small issue can drive them away in the blink of an eye.

Keeping your website running smoothly is super important. However, sometimes, when you’re trying to make improvements like updating WordPress or testing new themes or plugins, you might encounter technical problems like the ‘white screen of death.’ It’s like a mini heart attack for website owners!

The thing is, having the latest and safest version of WordPress is crucial for your website’s security and performance. But updating can be a bit nerve-wracking.

That’s where WP Simulator Local Edition comes in! It’s like having a secret tool that not only lets you have a working ‘offline’ version of your WordPress site but also changes the way you build, protect, and create your websites.

Let’s dive into this review and explore how WP Simulator Local Edition can make managing your WordPress site a whole lot easier!


WP Simulator Local Edition allows you to create a complete copy of your WordPress site that runs on your PC, laptop, or Mac. This means you can develop new websites or make changes to existing ones offline, without them being live on the internet. It’s a secure way to test new plugins, themes, and configurations to ensure there are no conflicts and to set up new themes correctly before migrating them to your live site.



WP Simulator Local Edition was created by Matt Garret and his partner, Alex Copeland. Matt Garret is a well-known figure in the internet marketing (IM) niche, and if you’ve been in this niche, you’re likely familiar with his name.

Matt Garret is recognized for his expansive vision and his ability to develop products that significantly aid digital marketers in running their campaigns seamlessly. Some of his noteworthy products, such as Convert Video Press V3, Smart Links, Ultimate Content Plugin, and Blog Defender 2020, have been previously released and have achieved substantial success, generating millions of dollars in online software sales.

With Matt Garret’s experience and successful track record in creating effective marketing tools, the creation of WP Simulator Local Edition underscores his dedication to providing valuable solutions to the digital marketing community. For more details about the product’s features and to determine if it aligns with your needs, let’s proceed and explore its detailed features.


♦ Test Plugins, Themes & WordPress Updates:

Experiment with plugins, themes, and WordPress updates in a secure offline environment, ensuring they won’t cause issues when implemented on your live website.

Prevent Plugin/Theme Issues on Live Sites:

Identify and resolve potential plugin or theme conflicts or issues before implementing them on your live site, ensuring a smooth user experience for your visitors.

Recover/Repair Broken/Hacked Sites:

Use the local environment to recover or repair broken or hacked sites without impacting your live website, providing a safe space for troubleshooting and fixing any issues.

Create/Edit Websites Offline:

Develop and edit websites in an offline setting, allowing you to work on your site without the need for an internet connection or the risk of changes being visible to the public.

Work Faster Than on Hosted Sites:

Benefit from a faster working environment compared to hosted sites, enabling quicker website development and modifications for improved productivity.

Test Website Backups:

Test and verify website backups offline to ensure they are functional and reliable, providing peace of mind in case of emergencies or data loss.

Experiment Without Consequence:

Safely experiment and make changes to your website without worrying about the consequences affecting your live website, allowing for a risk-free learning and testing environment.

Local Business Blog Post/Article:

Access ready-to-use blog posts and articles specifically tailored for local business, perfect for use on your local agency site to enhance content and engagement.

Unbranded “Local Business Developer Check List”:

Utilize an unbranded checklist as a lead generation tool, guiding potential clients through the necessary steps to set up their site. It can be personalized with your page link for seamless service offering.

WordPress Site Setup Content Guide:

Receive detailed guidance on keywords, content sources, and additional resources for creating comprehensive WordPress and website setup content, assisting you in enhancing your website development skills.



♦ Step 1: Watch the Introduction Video

Start by watching a video that explains why it’s important to first work on your website in a local environment before putting it live. This video gives you an overall idea of how the process works.

Step 2: Installing XAMMP – Your Local Server

The first practical step involves installing XAMPP, which is like a mini server on your computer. It’s used to test your website before you actually put it on the internet. You’ll learn how to install it, and if you face any issues during installation, you’ll be shown how to fix them.

Step 3: Install WordPress Locally

Once you have your mini server set up, you can then install WordPress on your own computer, making it work like a real, live website. After this, you can safely test new themes and plugins to make sure they work well together without causing any problems. If they work fine, you’re good to go and apply them to your actual live website.

Step 4: Moving Your Site to Live Hosting

After you’ve tested and are happy with the themes and plugins, the next step is to move your website from your computer to a real web hosting service. This step involves exporting your website’s information from your computer and importing it into the live website.

Step 5: Copy a Live Site to Your Local Server

In this last step, you’ll learn how to make a copy of a website that’s already live on the internet and put it on your own computer. This is useful if you want to make changes or updates to your website and test them in a safe environment before making them live.

By following these steps, WP Simulator Local Edition helps you work on your website in a safe, offline setting, allowing you to test and perfect it before making it visible to everyone online.


Picture this: you’re an aspiring web creator, eager to craft the perfect website for your audience. But, as fate would have it, one wrong move and your live site crashes, sending you into a frenzy of trying to restore what’s lost. I’ve been there, and it’s a nightmare for anyone in the digital realm.

However, WP Simulator Local Edition swoops in like a guardian angel, changing the entire game.

Having spent years in the realm of online marketing, I’ve witnessed the frustrations of unintentionally crashing a WordPress site. It’s not just about losing data; it’s about losing trust and revenue. But WP Simulator Local Edition altered this narrative completely.

This remarkable tool empowers you to replicate your live site on your local machine—a safe haven for experimentation. You can now fearlessly test new features, themes, and plugins, knowing your live site remains untouched. The constant dread of losing your website to server issues or cyber threats is a thing of the past. Everything you need is at your fingertips, ready to be re-deployed swiftly.

Moreover, the brilliance of this tool isn’t just in its functionality—it’s in its accessibility. The video tutorials provided are top-tier, guiding even a non-tech enthusiast like myself through the setup process with utmost ease. I had my first localhost live site up and running for testing without a single hiccup.

In my honest opinion, WP Simulator Local Edition isn’t just an investment; it’s a lifesaver for your online ventures. It’s the tool that will redefine how you build websites, sparing you from the anxieties of unintentional blunders. Trust me, this is a leap you want to take in your website development journey. Don’t hesitate—seize the opportunity now!



At just $20.33, WP Simulator Local Edition is a steal. This modest investment opens doors to a world of hassle-free website development and management. The peace of mind it provides is priceless. Plus, with a solid 30-day money-back guarantee, you’re not just investing; you’re making a smart, risk-free choice for your online ventures. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to elevate your website development game without breaking the bank!


OTO 1: Blog Defender Local ($19.34)

The main goal with Blog Defender is to help you create a simple website security solution. With it, securing your money sites has never been easier. You just need to download the plugins, follow the step by step training, then secure your sites IN MINUTES.

OTO 2: Cloud Defender V2 Pro ($27)

With Cloud Defender V2 PRO, you get the vendor personalized system for setting up the ultimate in server security for your WP site.

It works hand in hand with Blog Defender to provide you with maximum security for your money sites – so your content, leads, and income remain safe.

OTO 3: WP Toolkit Developers Edition ($77)

WP Toolkit is a simply massive library of Premium WordPress Tools including 600+ Premium Themes & Plugins with Developers Rights.



  • Safe Testing Environment: Provides a secure, offline space to test website changes, updates, plugins, and themes without affecting the live website.
  • Prevent Live Site Issues: Helps in identifying and resolving potential conflicts or issues before implementing changes on the live website, ensuring a smooth user experience.
  • Time and Cost-Efficient: Saves time and money by allowing users to experiment and make necessary adjustments locally, reducing the risk of costly errors on the live site.
  • Backup and Recovery: Facilitates easy backup and recovery of websites, making it a valuable tool in case of unexpected website failures or hacks.
  • Enhanced Website Development: Boosts website development productivity by enabling faster testing and customization, leading to quicker website deployment and optimization.
  • Versatility: Suitable for a diverse audience, including business owners, freelancers, bloggers, and marketers, making it a versatile tool for various website-related tasks.
  • Quality Video Tutorials: Provides high-quality video tutorials that guide users through the setup and usage, ensuring even those with limited technical knowledge can effectively utilize the tool.
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee: Offers a risk-free investment with a 30-day money-back guarantee, providing users with confidence in their purchase.


  • Up to now, I don’t see any downsides.


Q1: What is WP Simulator Local Edition, and what does it do?
WP Simulator Local Edition is a tool that allows you to replicate and operate a complete copy of your live WordPress website directly on your personal computer. It enables you to make changes, test updates, plugins, themes, and modifications in an offline environment before implementing them on your live website.

Q2: Is WP Simulator Local Edition suitable for beginners with limited technical knowledge?
Yes, WP Simulator Local Edition is designed to be user-friendly, even for those with limited technical expertise. The tool comes with detailed video tutorials to guide users through the setup and usage, making it accessible for beginners.

Q3: Can I use WP Simulator Local Edition for websites built on platforms other than WordPress?
No, WP Simulator Local Edition is specifically designed for WordPress websites. It may not be compatible with websites built on other platforms.

Q4: How does the money-back guarantee work?
WP Simulator Local Edition offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the product within 30 days of purchase, you can request a full refund.

Q5: Can I move changes made in the local environment to my live site?
Yes, once you have tested and made changes in the local environment using WP Simulator Local Edition, you can replicate those changes on your live site by following the provided steps for moving your site to live hosting.

Q6: Are there any limitations on the number of websites I can test with WP Simulator Local Edition?
No, there are no specific limitations on the number of websites you can test. You can replicate and test multiple WordPress websites using WP Simulator Local Edition.

Q7: Does WP Simulator Local Edition require an internet connection to operate?
Yes, an internet connection is initially required to download and set up WP Simulator Local Edition. However, once the setup is complete, you can use the tool offline to work on your replicated websites.

Q8: Is WP Simulator Local Edition compatible with Mac and PC?
Yes, WP Simulator Local Edition is compatible with both Mac and PC, allowing users to replicate and operate WordPress websites on either platform.


This is the end of my WP Simulator Local Edition review today. . Hopefully, you now possess all the necessary information about this product to make an informed decision.

Given that you have all the tools at your disposal through this comprehensive solution, WP Simulator Local Edition stands as a true done-for-you product that can elevate the quality of your WordPress sites. So, what’s holding you back from making a decision? Act swiftly before the price increases!

In conclusion, thank you for your time, and I extend my best wishes for a prosperous online business in the foreseeable future.

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