Yelp Cash Machine Review

Yelp Cash Machine Review 
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Are you searching for a new income opportunity that can put you ahead of your competitors? Look no further! I’m excited to introduce you to Yelp Cash Machine, a new product that enables you to offer an in-demand service to local business owners and earn huge paychecks.

It’s a well-known fact that the success of local businesses is heavily influenced by their Yelp ratings. According to a recent survey conducted by BrightLocal, 87% of consumers read online reviews before deciding to visit a local business, and only 20% of them will consider a business with a rating of 3 stars or less on Yelp. This has created a pressing need for a solution that can improve these low ratings.

Yelp Cash Machine is Luther Landro’s latest guide that allows everyday people to secure 7-8 deals per day from the comfort of their own homes by offering this solution over email. By using this guide, you can fill your inbox with business owners who are eager to pay $1000 to improve their Yelp ratings and make them happy.

If you’re interested in becoming a game changer in this space and earning a substantial income, keep reading this review to learn more about Yelp Cash Machine!


Mr. Luther Landro has developed Yelp Cash Machine specifically for local consultants as a fresh approach. This innovative method enables you to earn $1,000 per customer by delivering an exceptional service that improves their Yelp rating.


Upon checkout, you will immediately gain access to a set of Checklists that eliminate unnecessary details and present step-by-step instructions. These Checklists will guide you from the beginning of your journey to your first paycheck and eventually, your first million. With them, you will never again wonder where to start or what the next step is.

The first Checklist is The Client Generation and Upsell Formula. If you follow this Checklist, you will acquire your first paying clients in one week and convert them into monthly clients for life. With this Checklist, you will learn how to search for businesses with multiple filtered reviews, a full cold email schedule to close 1 in 5 of these businesses as clients, including follow-up and rebuttal emails, a full upsell email schedule to turn $1000 clients into $2000/month clients, and a simple pricing model for all services, including newsletter, SMS marketing, Yelp marketing, and more.

The second Checklist is The Complete Step-By-Step Guide To Unlocking Filtered Yelp Reviews. By using this Checklist, you will be able to unlock your client’s filtered reviews and drastically improve their Yelp rating overnight. Having this Checklist is like having a superpower, as business owners will pay you thousands of dollars to provide this service.

There are also two Bonus Checklists included. Bonus Checklist #1 is The Yelp Profile and SEO Audit. This Checklist will show you how to boost your clients to the top of Yelp’s search results and attract a massive influx of new customers. Bonus Checklist #2 is The Yelp Review Management Checklist. This Checklist provides a step-by-step process for managing Yelp reviews for local businesses, which is an in-demand service that you can charge $1000/month or more for.

Additionally, when you invest in Yelp Cash Machine, you will also gain access to Platinum Support. If you ever encounter any problems when working with clients, you can send a ticket to Luther’s support desk and get direct help and answers from him.

Moreover, there is a Consulting Master Class, which is a personal coaching program that includes a full walk-through of a results-in-advance email sales approach, a casual conversation sales script, and step-by-step instructions on unlocking filtered Yelp reviews. This program also covers how to manage extra services and how much to charge clients for them.

Lastly, you will receive Outsourcer Contacts, which will provide you with the necessary contacts to outsource your work.



By following a proven business model that generates income while you learn, you can accelerate your learning curve by years. Luther’s checklists have received positive feedback from action takers.

Moreover, this straightforward home business strategy does not require any Amazon stores, inventory, or purchases from China, nor does it necessitate traffic buying, SEO, or expensive software. There are no sales presentations, meetings, or phone calls needed because everything is conducted via email. All you need is a free Yelp account and an email to operate this business and contact your clients from home. With a service that takes only two hours to complete, you can earn $1000, making it a passive income stream.

Besides, unlocking Yelp filtered reviews is an excellent “gateway service” that companies frequently seek. Businesses require assistance in generating more reviews, responding to negative reviews, setting up promotions, and other Yelp account activities and are willing to pay up to $2000 per month for reliable assistance.

The best part is that you do not need to carry out any of the implementation yourself because you now have access to the ultimate white label company that performs the work at a fraction of the cost you collect.

Last but not least, you can avoid two common mistakes when attempting to attract consulting clients online with Yelp Cash Machine. First, you don’t have to worry about spamming or having your email blacklisted. Second, you can avoid selling businesses in your initial email. Business owners receive sales pitches daily, and if your email appears to be one, it will likely be deleted. Luther’s cold emails educate prospects about Yelp and offer value upfront at no cost, resulting in high response rates with no rejections or complaints. 

With this Yelp Cash Machine coach program, you can start building your daily income like this:





Good news, you can get access to everything, including the consulting master class, checklists, software, outsourcer contacts, and client tracking spreadsheet, all for only $27. Plus, you get an unconditional 60-day money-back guarantee and a promise of at least 5 businesses looking to hire you immediately. If you’re not willing to take action and follow the checklists, this system won’t work for you. So, are you ready to take the next step?



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  • Landro Inner Circle Gold Membership – $27 Trial

Conclusion & My Extra Bonuses For You

Thank you for taking the time to read my Yelp Cash Machine article. I hope I have provided you with enough information about this amazing product.

And the final decision is yours. Good luck to you guys and see you in my next review!

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